is there a risk? What is the secret to SSG’s overwhelming No. 1 running bullpen?

“It seems to be going well thanks to the preparation and training during the camp.”

SSG Landers is cruising to the top of the division with a team salvation average ERA of 2.11 this season. It is an overwhelming 1st place with a big difference from the average ERA (3.59) of the 2nd place LG Twins.

SSG’s performance is all the more remarkable considering that the remaining eight clubs are all recording team salvation ERAs of 4 points or higher and struggling with bullpen management at the beginning of the season.

In the first match of the 2023 KBO League regular season against the LG Twins held at Jamsil Stadium on the 25th, at the end of the 9th inning, Noh Kyung-eun was hit by Oh Ji-hwan with a finishing double and lost 4-5. It was also thanks to the bullpen that kept the game scoreless from the 6th to the 8th inning, leading to a tight tie until the 9th inning. It was a game on the 25th that would have left much to be desired, but the performance of this bullpen cannot be underestimated.

Before the game on the 25th, SSG Landers coach Kim Won-hyung told the team how to operate the relief team and the ‘secret of the bullpen’s success’, which was considered to be one of the unstable powers this season.

SSG coach Kim Won-hyung explained, “We don’t calculate the overall number of pitches in the game, but instead manage pitches that exceed 25 or 30 pitchers throwing one inning from the bullpen in the middle.”

In SSG, since the 2021 season when manager Kim Won-hyung took office, the coaching staff has been setting clear standards for consecutive fights, as well as having a rest day when the maximum number of pitches in one game and more than the limit of pitches are taken. I manage the climbing schedule. It may change depending on the game situation, but I try to keep the standard as much as possible.

Regarding this, coach Kim Won-hyung said, “Last year and the year before last, I did not subtract the next day because I threw 30 pitches, but if possible, if I exceed 30 pitches, I will go on the mound the next day. He is paying attention to going over 30 pitches.”

In SSG, many predicted that the bullpen would be at risk as Taek-Hyung Kim, who played a key role in last year’s combined championship, enlisted in the Sangmu Baseball Team ahead of this season, and Seung-Won Moon, who returned in the middle of last season and played in the bullpen, returned to the starter.

On the other hand, the performance of the starting lineup is that foreign pitcher Eni Romero has not yet started a single game due to an injury, and some players are not performing as expected due to slow pace. Even in the game on the 25th, the disappointment continued.먹튀검증

Regarding this, manager Kim Won-hyung said, “I think baseball is like that. It’s always half anticipation and half worry. As for the selection, even before the foreign player (Romero) was injured, 6 people were ready, so one had the idea that he had to move from the bullpen.” The part (bullpen) is always a concern, and there are times when it surprises me. There is a crisis situation, but I am always struggling,” he also expressed his gratitude for the hard work of salvation.

At the same time, coach Kim said, “I have told the players and the coaching staff how we should prepare since the camp, and we are always talking about the parts that are emphasized in the power analysis part.” I emphasized the importance of training more during the camp because my body had to follow it even if I did it, and it seems that I am going well in that direction now.”

SSG’s goal for this season is, after all, a combined championship. And the way to keep winning every day would be a more reasonable way.

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