Japan, a dramatic come-from-behind victory at the end of the 9th… The final is against Japan and the US

In the WBC semifinals, Japan beat Mexico with a dramatic finish to advance to the final. 

The final opponent is the United States. 

This is Reporter Cho Hyun-sun.

Japan, which had been trailing by one point, was cornered in the bottom of the ninth inning.

It was Ohtani, a special star, who ignited the spark of hope.카지노사이트

He came out as the first batter and changed the atmosphere by hitting a double through the middle right.

1st and 2nd bases are safe for the follow-up hitter to walk out.

And Murakami’s bat spewed fire.

It was a two-run double to finish with all runners in.

Japan advanced to the WBC finals with a dramatic come-from-behind victory.

Murakami, the protagonist of the end game, struck out 3 and had no hits in 4 at-bats until the 8th inning, but in the end, he lived up to his name as the best hitter in Japan.

[Shohei Otani / Japan National Baseball Team]
(Murakami came back to life) Thankfully. I expect this momentum to continue into tomorrow and I want to win one more tomorrow.”

Japan’s opponent in the final is the home team USA, who beat Cuba yesterday.

This is the first time the USA and Japan will face each other in the final


[Ras Nuthba / Japan National Baseball Team] “A match between the United States and Japan
can attract a lot of spectators. The confrontation between Trout and Ohtani is special.”

The U.S. is trying to win its second consecutive title, and Japan is aiming for its first championship in 14 years.

This is Cho Hyun-seon from Channel A News.

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