Japan’s Gamada, ‘popular man’… Liverpool, Tottenham followed by Manchester City

Japanese midfielder Daichi Kamada is very popular. It has been reported that PSG of France, Barcelona of Spain, as well as Premier League teams such as Liverpool and Tottenham, are aiming for Manchester City.

According to Manchester Evening News, a British media outlet on the 12th (Korean time), Man City is aiming to recruit Japanese national midfielder Gamada.

Gamada, who plays as an attacking midfielder for Einracht Frankfurt in the German Bundesliga, continues to play an active role as a key player in the team this season as well as last season.

Last season, he was a little slow in the league, but he played a key role in winning the UEFA (European Football Federation) Europa League.

Naturally, the courtship of the big clubs continued. Recently, there have been reports that Barcelona, ​​which is running first in the Spanish La Liga, is interested in signing Gamada, and Premier League teams such as Liverpool and Tottenham have also begun to show interest in Gamada. 카지노

According to England’s ’90min’, teams currently interested in Gamada include Barcelona, ​​PSG, Borussia Dortmund, Liverpool, and Tottenham. Gamada’s contract with Frankfurt ends in July this year.

Many teams are sending love calls because they can recruit players who participated in the Qatar World Cup as a member of the Japanese national team without transfer fees.

In this situation, even Man City participated in the battle. The Manchester Evening News said, “Man City is watching the situation of Gamada. Tottenham, Newcastle, Liverpool and other top teams in the Premier League will compete for signings.” are doing,” he explained.

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