Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team unveils 2023 season uniforms… Home brown, away white

 Reporter Lim Choong-sik = Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team unveiled the 2023 season uniform on the 17th.

At home, wear a brown top and bottom. The away kit is white both top and bottom. All of the uniforms have checkered patterns to add intensity. 메이저놀이터

GK’s home kit is yellow, away is red, and third is blue.

The image of ‘Jeonju, a national tourist base’ was engraved on the front of the uniform. The image of the province of Jeollabuk-do was put on the sleeve part.

At the bottom of the back of the jacket, ‘2023 Jeonbuk Asia-Pacific Masters Competition’ is engraved to pray for the successful hosting of the competition and promote it. Goeunmirae (medical department dermatology), which has been sponsored since 2017, will engrave its logo and company name on the top of the back of the shirt and enter the game.

An official from the Jeonju Citizens Soccer Team said, “We tried to save the image of being with the citizens of Jeonju. I will do my best to promote the K3 League this season.”

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