Jung Ho-young and Park Eun-jin, women’s volleyball ‘next-generation center’ is growing!

Jeong Ho-young, who was highly anticipated as a promising female professional volleyball player, is finally showing off her hidden potential.

After successfully changing her position, Jung Ho-young, along with her teammate Park Eun-jin, has emerged as the next-generation center to lead women’s volleyball.

Reporter Park Seon-woo reports.


Ho-young Jeong, who was in her second year of high school, helped her win the bronze medal at the 2018 Asian Games, drawing attention as the ‘second Kim Yeon-kyung’.

After her pro debut, she switched her position to center, and she even suffered an injury on her 2020 opener that blew her entire season.

However, she has improved her natural height this season, as well as her angle and strength when hitting the ball, and she has exploded her potential as she rises to second place in the fast break.

[Soundbite] Jeong Ho-young/Ginseng Corporation : “I think I’m a player who debuted today as a center and I’m starting the season, so my eyes (thin veins) are bursting because of the physical strain…”]

With Park Eun-jin, a close friend of the Tokyo Olympics semifinals and a high school senior, ‘s fantasy breath is the driving force of growth.

[Soundbite] Jeong Ho-yeong/Ginseng Corporation : “(In high school) when I get one point, I’m like, ‘Hey!’ All the players had to do it like this, and it became a habit, and even now when we score, we go ‘Hey!’ do.” 슬롯사이트

[Soundbite] Jeong Ho-yeong/Ginseng Corporation : “(Park) Eun-jin is the ultimate maximalist. There is nothing she doesn’t have. She already has everything… (On the other hand, I) let’s live with only what we need.”]

[Soundbite] Park Eun-jin(Ginseng Corporation) : “(Ho-young) says that if there is none, I will live without it, but I use my own clothes. I wear my own clothes and use my own (things).”]

The customized guidance from director Goh Hee-jin, a former center director, also made Jeong Ho-young take a leap forward. [ Soundbite

] Go Hee-jin/Director of Ginseng Corporation : “Yes. You should take the easy path (like this). Why do you want to take the difficult path?”


This is Park Seon-woo from KBS News.

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