Ki Sung-yueng, returning to a drama after 3 years to his wife, “I have to help a lot when I retire” 

“When I retire, I have to help my wife a lot.”

Ki Sung-yong (35), who recently met in Kirishima City, Kagoshima Prefecture, Japan, the 2nd winter training camp for FC Seoul, showed his affection for his wife, actress Han Hye-jin, at the end of the interview.

At the end of last year, who is in his twilight years as a player, he flew to Wales, England, during the off-season, and completed the UEFA Class B license course. He still boasts a high level of performance, but as he is in his late 30s in Korean age, he is faithful to his schedule with his future in mind after his retirement.

Often, when an athlete opens up to a second life, his family does the same. This is largely because the family also moves according to the life trajectory of the ‘active player’. In 2013, Ki Sung-yong became a hot topic when he announced a surprise marriage to Han Hye-jin, an ‘8-year-old’, who was active as a representative European Taegeuk warrior in Korea. It is time for Han Hye-jin to receive the love of the public through entertainment programs as well as her main job as an actress at the time. Nevertheless, like any player’s wife, after marriage, she virtually stopped activities for her husband, who was in his late 20s, the prime age as a soccer player, and flew to England to support him, drawing attention.

Ki Sung-yong said, “At that time, my wife really suffered a lot because of me. Wasn’t the team I moved to mostly outskirts (in England)? I wouldn’t have had to do anything… ” he stammered. He said, “Looking back, there were many good things. I spend a lot of time with my family abroad, but I also spent a lot of time (with my wife), so it’s a good memory.”

Finally, as Ki Sung-yong organized his European life in the summer of 2020 and returned to the K-League through Seoul, the family’s life in Korea began in earnest. Han Hye-jin will return to the drama in three years by playing the role of Lee Seo-jin in the new JTBC Saturday drama ‘Shin Sung-han, Divorce’ next month. Ki Sung-yong once sent his wife’s affectionate support, such as sending coffee or tea to the set during filming. He said, “My wife is working for the first time in a while, and since we are doing activities at the same time (in our main job), it seems that we are more respectful and more concerned. I wonder if I should help more when I retire,” he said, promising “outside assistance,” but “but her wife told me to play soccer for as long as possible. I don’t know if it’s because I’m out of the house,” he smiled. 온라인바카라

The same is true of his daughter Shion-yang, who turned 9 in Korean age this year, who wants Ki Sung-yueng to continue his active career longer. In the FC Seoul-Suwon FC match held at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on September 11 last year, Xion Yang participated as an escort kid, and she once stepped on the ground holding the hand of ‘Daddy Ki Sung-yong’. Ki Sung-yong said, “(When escorting kids), I really liked it when Xion held hands with me and entered the stadium. She usually treats me like a friend, but at that time, I think she started to pay more attention to my father who plays soccer.” He also said, “I try to play as much as possible when I am at home because I spend a lot of time away (when I am in Europe).”

In the 2023 season, Ki Sung-yong is also a key agent in the Seoul tactics led by coach Ahn Ik-soo. He said, “Honestly, as I get older, it is true that I think, ‘Can I play well? However, he said, “The next year was better than when I returned to Korea, and last year was better.”

In the match against Matsumoto Yamaga (J3), the last match played in Kagoshima on the 16th, he scored the opening goal with a sharp mid-range shot and led Seoul to a 3-1 victory. In addition to his performance, he continues to serve as the team’s ‘mental support’ by helping ‘new captain’ Ilyuchenko at close range. Last year, he did not speak bitterly to his juniors who had lost their desire to win, and approached Im Sang-hyeop Park Soo-il and Lee Si-young’s ‘transfer students’ first. In addition to his wife, who has returned to the public, Ki Sung-yong’s gaze with new motivation is directed to Incheon United and the 2023 season K League 1 home opening game on the 25th.

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