Kim has a .428 on-base percentage with six home runs…and a .412 slugging percentage at the top of the order.

Ha-Sung Kim (San Diego Padres) has a .428 on-base percentage as a leadoff hitter.

According to ESPN, as of Sunday, Kim was 43-for-122 (.352) with 15 walks as the leadoff hitter.
352) with 15 walks. He’s also hit six home runs.

Even when batting first, his on-base percentage is .412. His on-base percentage is .311 with 56 hits in 180 at-bats. His batting order is successful.카지노사이트

With no runners on base, his slugging percentage is 0.405 and his batting average is 0.317.

However, his batting average with runners in scoring position is a bit lackluster at 0.235. However, the on-base percentage is 0.333. With runners in scoring position after the second inning, their batting average is 0.152, but their on-base percentage is 0.304.

His batting average at home is 0.276 with a 0.361 on-base percentage and his batting average away from home is 0.293 with a 0.392 on-base percentage.

Meanwhile, Kim went 1-for-4 in a home game against Baltimore on July 17. That brought his batting average to .285.

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