Kim Jin-kyu and Kim Jun-beom consecutive goals… Gimcheon beats Cheonan 2-0 to escape losing streak

 Professional soccer K League 2 (Part 2) Unlike Sangmu Kim, who was considered the overwhelming first team before the opening, he was shaken from the beginning as he fell into a losing streak, but fortunately, the atmosphere quickly recovered. By winning against Cheonan City FC, they laid the foundation for a rebound.

Kim Cheon won 2-0 with consecutive goals from Kim Jin-gyu and Kim Jun-beom in the Hana 1 Q K-League 2 2023 round 6 away match against Cheonan City at 1:30 pm on the 8th at Cheonan Sports Complex. With the victory on this day, they escaped from the swamp of 2 consecutive losses and rose to 5th place (3 wins, 2 losses, 9 points).카지노사이트

On this day, general manager Lee Jae-ha, official supporters ‘Investigation Undefeated’ and Gimcheon City supporters came to the stadium to cheer. Thanks to the enthusiastic support, the Kimcheon team showed a strong will to win to break out of the losing streak.

Manager Seong Han-soo took out a 4-3-3 formation. With Kim Ji-hyun at the center, Jo Young-wook and Kim Min-jun formed an attacking triangle on the left and right. The midfield consisted of Kim Dong-hyun, Kim Jin-kyu and Lee Young-jae. From the left, Kim Tae-Hyun, Kim Jae-Woo, Lee Sang-Min, and Lee Yu-Hyeon were responsible for the defensive line. The goal was guarded by Shin Song-hun.

In the fierce battle from the beginning, Kim Cheon aimed for an opportunity with Kim Ji-hyeon’s scissor kick and Kim Min-jun’s mid-range shot. And after a series of attacks, the opening goal came out. In the 44th minute of the first half, Kim Jin-gyu made a shot from inside the penalty box.

Kim Cheon, who took the lead, continued to knock on Cheonan’s goal in a relaxed manner at the beginning of the second half. In the 21st and 26th minutes of the second half, Jo Young-wook’s two shots ended in vain, but an additional goal was scored after continued tapping, leaving regret behind. In the second half of extra time, Kim Jun-beom scored a key goal. As it was, the game ended 2-0, and the victory sounded.

After the match, head coach Seong Han-soo commented, “I changed the starting lineup today. I want to praise the players who scored,” and then expressed his determination, “As it is a home match against Bucheon FC, I want to prepare more tactically to win.”

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