“Kim Min-jae, Man Fashion virtually finished with an annual salary of 12.9 billion.. Lindelof is also given”

 ‘Iron Pillar’ Min-jae Kim (27, Naples)’s transfer to Manchester United (Man United) came out again.

Italy’s ‘Il Martino’ said on the 20th (Korean time), “Kim Min-jae is a player who leaves regardless of Napoli’s will,” and claims, “There are some doubts, but the contract with Manchester United in the English Premier League (EPL) is virtually finished.” did.

“Man Utd, which is scheduled to pay Kim Min-jae 9 million euros (approximately 12.9 billion won) per season, has not yet met Napoli, but will pay a buyout amount of 65 million euros (approximately 93.3 billion won). He added, “Because Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis only wants cash, Manchester United is trying to propose Swedish defender Victor Lindelof (29, Manchester United) as a replacement for Kim Min-jae.” This means that part of the buyout amount can be filled with players.

On the 15th (Korean time), the media drew attention by claiming that “Kim Min-jae agreed to the transfer to Manchester United, and only the final details remain to be coordinated.” European media reported citing this media that Kim Min-jae had reached an agreement in a big way to join Manchester United after this season.

However, Kim Min-jae’s side told OSEN, “Although Napoli confirmed an early victory, Kim Min-jae is concentrating on finishing the season well.” “Even the EPL ranking, which will determine whether or not to advance to the Champions League next season, has not been finalized. Currently, it is urgent to move. There is no need,” he dismissed the report.

Nevertheless, Il Martino continues to insist on “Kim Min-jae’s transfer agreement to Manchester United.” On the 17th, “EPL is a different world. It is impossible for all clubs in Serie A to compete, not just Naples.” “Kim Min-jae was offered 9 million euros from Manchester United, four times the annual salary he received in Naples. Man United paid 56 million to Napoli. I will pay in euros.” 

The same argument was repeated three days later. However, the proposed amount and conditions are slightly changed. The buyout amount to be paid to Napoli has risen from 56 million euros to 65 million euros. The content that Lindelof can be replaced by Kim Min-jae is also new.

The fact that Il Martino’s reports keep coming out can be interpreted in several ways. It may mean that Man Utd is showing steady interest in Kim Min-jae and is aiming for a preoccupation effect.

Kim Min-jae has already become a target for clubs that can afford the buyout amount, such as Manchester City (Man City), Newcastle United, Liverpool, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) and Bayern Munich, as well as Manchester United. 토토사이트

We must wait as long as possible between July 1st and 15th for Kim Min-jae’s buyout clause to be invoked. However, Man Utd seems to be trying to convince Napoli to take ownership of Kim Min-jae in advance. They want to secure Kim Min-jae with a transfer fee that is higher than the buyout amount by persuading Napoli, who can not retain Kim Min-jae anyway. 

On the other hand, Kim Min-jae’s side is relaxed as the transfer market is not even open. In July, we will be able to listen to proposals from various clubs. A better offer may come before July. If Manchester City and Newcastle jump in earnest, they may surpass Manchester United’s offer. 

Moreover, there are variables due to the club sale issue. Depending on the decision of the new owner who took over the club, whether or not to recruit Kim Min-jae or the direction may change. This is because it can change depending on how much transfer money is available. /letmeout@osen.co.kr

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