Kim Min-jae, the true ‘winner’… First scudetto so it was more valuable

Kim Min- jae of Naples, who reached the top of Serie A in 33 years
, selected 32 out of 33 league matches
and received the Player of the Month Award throughout the season,

following Park Ji-sung and Jung Woo-young, won the Korean Big League
Serie A, Kim Min-jae was the first ever

Napoli reached the top of Italy’s Serie A for the first time in 33 years. Kim Min-jae (27), who played an active role in the defense from the first season of the transfer, also carved his name into the club’s history as a leading player in the championship.

Napoli drew 1-1 with Udinese in the 2022-23 Italian Serie A round 33 away match held at the Dasina Arena in Udine, Italy on the 5th (Korean time) and confirmed 먹튀검증 the Serie A championship early.

Napoli, which has reached 80 points (25 wins, 5 draws, 3 losses), widened the gap with second place Lazio (64 points) to 16 points and held the Scudetto (Serie A championship) regardless of the results of the remaining five games.

Kim Min-jae, a “transfer student,” played a big role in Napoli’s ability to reach the top of Serie A for the first time in 33 years since the days of Diego Maradona. 

He left Türkiye Fenerbahce to join Napoli and entered the European big league for the first time, and he played an active role as a key defender for the team throughout the season.

The fact that Min-jae Kim played in 32 games as a starter until the 33rd round, when Napoli confirmed the championship early, was a record showing that Min-jae Kim was the main player in the championship. 

Kim Min-jae missed only one game for a break, but always kept the Napoli defense for the rest. The number of starting games (32 games) is tied for 2nd on the team, and the playing time (2813 minutes) is 3rd on the team.

Beyond just playing in many games, Kim Min-jae’s presence in the defensive area was different. In’s standard rating, it was enough to keep the Serie A season’s best 11 spot throughout the season.

Every time Kim Min-jae played in his game, he showed his unique speed and ability to dominate the air, and showed solid defense by predicting and blocking his opponent’s attack first.

In a situation where it was not easy to build up through passing, he boldly dribbled the ball and led the attack, scoring 2 goals and 2 assists, contributing to the attack.

The record that he was nominated for the Player of the Month award in March after winning the Serie A Player of the Month award for the first time in September of last year meant that Kim Min-jae’s presence was dazzling throughout the season.

The reason why the foreign press did not leave out the name of Kim Min-jae while highlighting Napoli’s Serie A victory was because he was the undisputed protagonist of the championship.

AFP news agency said, “A significant part of Napoli’s defense this season was the role of Kim Min-jae. He erased the question mark in the early days of joining and is loved by the fans.” The Associated Press also cited Kim Min-jae as the main player in the championship along with Victor Osimen and Hvitza Kvarachhelia.

Thanks to this, Kim Min-jae became the first Korean player to win the Italian Serie A, and the third Korean player to win the European big league following Park Ji-seong (Manchester United, 4 times) and Jung Woo-young (Freiburg, Lee Sang’s team at the time).

In particular, if Park Ji-sung and Jung Woo-young, who were ahead of them, were close to supporting the team to win, Kim Min-jae was more meaningful in that he played an active part in the team’s championship throughout the season.

Immediately after his victory, Kim Min-jae said on personal social media, “We are the Italian champions. I am very happy and honored to be a part of this historic achievement,” he said. “Congratulations to all the fans, colleagues and staff. I want to share this joy with everyone who supported Napoli.”

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