Ko Jin-young, fined What is the ‘compulsory participation rule’?.. 4 years in the United States, 2 years in Korea

 As Ko Jin-young (28) was fined about 30 million won from the LPGA Tour, interest in what the ‘compulsory participation regulation’ is is growing.

Ko Jin-young withdrew her application to participate in the Grand Hilton Vacations Tournament of Champions, the opening day of the LPGA Tour season to be held in Orlando, Florida, on the 20th (Korean time). He was initially listed on the list, but gave up participating because he did not recover from a wrist injury sustained last year.

The LPGA Tour has a rule that ‘one compulsory participation in the same tournament’ is required. Failure to do so will result in a fine of $25,000. Ko Jin-young has never participated in this competition, which started in 2019.

However, she is unlikely to have Ko Jin-young pay her fine. There is an exception clause that waives her penalty if she has good cause, such as an injury. The LPGA listens to the cries of players not participating in the tournament and decides on the imposition of fines according to the final procedure.

Ko Jin-young has already submitted an explanation, including two doctors’ opinions, stating that she cannot compete due to a wrist injury that has not been cured. If the LPGA recognizes Jinyoung Ko’s reason for not participating as a valid reason, she will not have to pay the fine.

The ‘compulsory participation rule’ exists not only on the LPGA tour, but also on the Korean Women’s Professional Golf (KLPGA) tour and other tours such as Japan and China.

For players, it may seem unreasonable to pay a fine just for not participating in a competition. However, from the perspective of the organizers, who spend a lot of money to hold the tournament, major players do not continue to appear in the tournament, which can hinder box office success, and lose steam. Accordingly, the association in charge of the tournament has a mandatory entry rule to prevent players from not appearing in the tournament for no particular reason in order to protect sponsors and ensure smooth hosting of the tournament. However, the details are slightly different. 카지노사이트

The KLPGA tour has restrictions on non-participation in the same tournament for two consecutive years. A fine of 10 million won is imposed if a player does not appear in the same event for two consecutive years without justifiable reasons such as natural disasters, marriage or death of relatives within the fourth degree of his or her parent’s family, childbirth, marriage, hospitalization, etc. Qualified players on overseas tours and non-members of the association are not subject to this regulation.

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