KOGAS coach Yoo Hoon, “I will work harder for the confidence of the players” … KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin, “Today’s shooting success rate was disappointing”

Korea Gas Corporation defeated KCC and reported its first victory in the second half.

Daegu Korea Gas Corporation met Jeonju KCC in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 24th and won 72-67.

Korea Gas Corporation succeeded in suppressing the baseline from the first quarter. The opponent’s score tied it at 10 points. On the contrary, Korea Gas Corporation attacked the opponent’s defense without covering the inside and outside, and scored 25 points in the first quarter. In particular, various players scored without relying on one player.

However, the opponent’s shooting sense was revived, and Korea Gas Corporation gave up 23 points in the second quarter. However, the reason why the score difference was maintained was Lee Dae-sung. Lee Dae-sung scored a goal that broke the flow of the opponent. He drove in 10s alone. Korea Gas Corporation ended the first half with a score of 43-33. However, in the third quarter, he could not control the opponent’s attack. In particular, he gave 7 points to Heo Woong at the end of the quarter, which provided an excuse for the opponent to pursue.

In the 4th quarter, there was a crisis when Chung Chang-young gave 11 points. However, Lee Dae-sung broke the opponent’s flow with a mid-range jumper and a breakthrough score. He dominated the game through passing at crucial moments there. That’s how Korea Gas Corporation succeeded in escaping from a losing streak.

Korea Gas Corporation coach Yoo Do-hoon, whom we met after the game, said, “Today, if there were no mistakes and good decision-making, it would have gone easily. Still, I missed a lot of games like this, so I’m more glad to win.”

He added, “If you focus more on defense in the match, focus on rebounding, and attack with a high probability, it will lead to victory next time.”

Although he won, Korea Gas Corporation allowed the chase in the section where Lee Dae-sung fell due to foul trouble. In response, coach Yoo said, “I practiced a lot of shaking play in a lineup that uses Belrangel and Donghyun Woo at the same time. I wish I could be more confident. Both players need to grow, so this experience will be a big help.”

And he emphasized his confidence, saying, “I have to work harder so that domestic players can have confidence.”

Meanwhile, KCC gave way from the first quarter. The biggest reason is that the shooting missed consecutively. Tied to 3 points in the first 5 minutes. After that, the score came out, but the success rate was disappointing. KCC, who recorded a field goal success rate of 20% (4/20), finished the first quarter with a score of 25-10.

However, in the second quarter, KCC’s offense revived. Following a quick attack, the players scored evenly. In particular, Ronde Hollis Jefferson and Chung Chang-young scored goals that broke the opponent’s flow. That’s how KCC saved the fire of pursuit. And through the scoring of Heo Woong and Kim Ji-wan, who survived in the 3rd quarter, the score gap was further narrowed.  메이저사이트

In the fourth quarter, Jung Chang-young scored 11 points to save the hopes of victory. In addition, Kim Ji-wan’s 3-point shot succeeded in reversing. But I couldn’t control Lee Dae-seong. Lee Dae-sung gave 6 points and lost the game. 

In an interview after the game, KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “I was disappointed with the shooting success rate today. His 2-point shooting percentage is 40% and his 3-point shooting percentage is 20%. The score was only 60 points. difficult. It seems that there is nothing more to talk about.”

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