KT Jukwon registered for the first team of the season “There was a lot of regret and regret”

The ‘Hold King’ sovereignty (28, KT Wiz) has returned.

KT coach Lee Kang-cheol changed the first-team entry prior to the match against the LG Twins in Jamsil on the 16th. The situation where infielder Ryu Hyun-in, pitcher Kim Young-hyun, and catcher Kang Hyun-woo went down to the second group the day before Lee Dong-il. The names of infielder Jang Joon-won, pitcher Jeon Jeon-joo, and Ju Kwon were added to the three empty first-team entries. Joo Kwon, a naturalized Korean-Chinese, played as a Chinese representative in the World Baseball Classic (WBC) held in March, but missed the opening of professional baseball due to a forearm injury.

Ju-kwon, who met with reporters before the game on the 16th, said, “I think the pitch and feeling (compared to before) are the same. I didn’t feel the game, so I came up after two games (in the 2nd team), but it doesn’t hurt. So it’s okay.”

KT is at the bottom of the league with 9 wins, 2 draws and 22 losses. As of the 15th, 9th place Hanwha Eagles and rides 2.5 games. It is so sluggish that it has only won 2 wins (8 losses) in the last 10 games. The team stumbles as the number of pitching injuries continues. A situation where the bullpen is overloaded. The return of sovereignty from the hold king in 2020 is literally ‘a thousand soldiers and horses’. Coach Lee Kang-cheol plans to raise the sense of appointment and game in a situation that is not burdensome.

Ju Kwon said, “I asked about the atmosphere of the team, but I was told that it was not that good. Even now, since I am here, I will try to change (the atmosphere) as much as possible.” I went down (to the 2nd division), but this was the first time I went down because I was sick.”먹튀검증

Ju Kwon, who debuted in 2015, threw 49 innings for 7 consecutive years from 2016 to last year. A healthy body is the biggest weapon. Because I was sick… if I had to come down because I couldn’t (in the 2nd group), I would admit it and work harder to come back up, but I felt a little unfair and had a lot of regrets because I went down because I was sick.” I was able to return to the stage of the 1st team.

Joo Kwon said, “I just told the coach to use it. After a lot of rest, I’m ready for any situation,” he said. “I joined late, but the team comes first. I will throw it vigorously on the mound,” he said with strength

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