Lee Bo-mi, who is about to retire, 1R 44th place in the opening game “I’m so nervous… I don’t want to be eliminated from the cut”

Lee Bo-mi (35), who announced her retirement from the JLPGA tour last year this year, hesitated in the first round of the opening game.

In the first round of the JLPGA Tour 2023 season opener Daikin Orchid Ladies Golf Tournament (total prize money of 120 million yen) held at the Ryukyu Golf Club (par 72) in Okinawa, Japan on the 2nd, Lee Bo-mi tied 3 birdies and 5 bogies to score a 2 over par 74. and tied for 44th.

He announced his retirement from the JLPGA Tour ahead of the opening match. Lee Bo-mi, who is scheduled to participate in four to five competitions, including the opening match, plans to retire with her last appearance at the Nobuta Group Masters GC Ladies in October.

It creaked from the start. Lee Bo-mi, who recorded consecutive bogeys in holes 1 and 2, also made a bogey in hole 4 (par 5). After making up for one stroke with a birdie in hole 7 (par 5), he exchanged views with a birdie in holes 10 (par 4) and 11 (par 5), and even after recording a birdie in hole 15 (par 4), he made up the 17th hole (par 4). 4) Bogey failed to reduce the number of strokes.

The fairway landing rate was 57.14% and the green hit rate was 55.56%, so the feeling of the shot was not good, but the number of putts was 29, which was in compliance. Overcoming the particularly strong Okinawan wind became the remaining task for the round.

Lee Bo-mi said, “I walked the course with a special thought in mind. Someone from the gallery side talked to me, but I was so nervous that I couldn’t remember. I was so nervous because I received a lot of support, and I thought about how I could have fun.” 토토사이트

Ayaka Wanatabe (Japan), who played the round together, took the lead with a 6 under par 66 strokes. Lee Bo-mi said, “It was a good day to see great play.” I want to increase the number of birdies on the day,” he said.

He said, “I want to play well in my favorite competition. I want to play for four days, so I want to do well tomorrow and pass the cut. I don’t want to drop out of the preliminaries because it’s my last appearance.” did.

With Watanabe leading by three strokes, Jeon Mi-jeong (41) and Lee Ha-na (22) tied for 8th place with a 1-under 71 strokes, showing the best results among Korean players. Shin Ji-ae (35) tied for 31st with a 1-over par 73.

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