‘Lee Kang-cheol-ho’ gathered together… ‘It’s halfway around the world’

Representative players of the World Baseball Classic, who had been training all over the world, finally gathered in one place.

There are players who flew halfway around the world, and reporter Yoo Byung-min from the US tells the scene of the arrival at the national team camp.


A large bus carrying players arrives at the WBC team’s quarters in Tucson, Arizona.

Kiwoom and LG, who are training in Phoenix, 190 km away from Tucson, and SSG players who flew from Florida to Phoenix after a 5-hour flight, drove for 2 hours.

[Kim Kwang-hyun/WBC national team pitcher: I woke up at 3:30 this morning and I think I arrived here in 12 hours. I joined the national team well, and now I think it’s another start.] While

the players from KT, NC, and KIA who have been training near the national team camp have relatively relaxed expressions,

[Lee Yong-chan/WBC national team pitcher: (Are you in good shape? ) yes. I made a good body.]

Yang Eui-ji, who flew 18,000 km from Sydney, Australia, to Korea, and then back to Tucson, almost half the globe, was exhausted.

[Yang Eui-ji/WBC national team catcher: I think I have to quickly adjust to the jet lag after going back and forth in a short period of time.] Even though the distance traveled is

different, everyone is determined to restore the honor of Korean baseball at the WBC. 바카라사이트

[Lee Jeong-hoo/WBC national team outfielder: The results of the previous two tournaments are not important anyway. I will do my best by joining forces with my seniors so that I can achieve good results in this tournament.]

With 28 out of 30 finalists gathered, two major leaguers, Kim Ha-seong and Edmund, will join early next month.

The WBC national team, which has become a complete domestic team, will work together in earnest from tomorrow (16th) to advance to the semifinals.

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