Lee Kang-in, ATM and transfer agreement finalized…transfer fee of 17 billion finalized → 2nd ‘loan player’ designation finalized

Reports have emerged in Spanish media that Lee Kang-in has reached a personal agreement with Atletico Madrid.

The Mallorca midfielder has been in sensational form this season, attracting interest from major European clubs across La Liga, the Premier League, Serie A, and beyond.

Atletico have been the most aggressive in their pursuit of Lee, who is already on several clubs’ watch lists. Despite initial reports that they would not spend more than 10 million euros ($14 billion) for the player, Atletico, who have been making concrete offers to Mallorca since last winter, have reportedly already made offers of more than 10 million euros, including a transfer fee and loan of the player.

However, local media in Mallorca have reported that Lee has reached a personal agreement with Atletico and that only negotiations between the two clubs remain, raising the possibility that a deal could be close.

“Mallorca have asked for the ownership of Rodrigo Riquelme and a second player,” the Mallorca outlet Football Desde Mallorca reported on Aug. 8 (KST).

“Mallorca and Atletico are continuing negotiations for the transfer of Lee Kang-in. For now, Atletico are the only ones who have made an offer. The initial offer was a package of €12 million ($17 million) plus a player on loan, which is where Riquelme was selected,” said the source, referring to Atletico’s offer.

“Atletico did not make any additional financial offers, but Mallorca made a move: they asked for ownership of Riquelme and the loan of a second player. Atletico included a buy-back clause for Riquelme, but they have not confirmed whether they will send him,” he said, adding that Mallorca is working on a deal.

Along with the negotiations between the two clubs, Football Desde Mallorca also revealed a private agreement, mentioning the story about Lee and Atletico. “As far as we can tell, Lee and Atletico have already reached an agreement. Otherwise, it would be absurd for the two clubs to be talking about this,” confirming that Lee has finalized a personal agreement with Atletico.먹튀검증

“Unless something happens, I don’t think there will be any further news this week,” he added, emphasizing that the clubs are still in disagreement over the deal.

With the news that Lee has finalized a personal agreement with Atletico, it is expected that Mallorca will be more aggressive in their negotiations with Atletico, bringing the move closer.

It will be interesting to see if Lee can take his game to the next level next season when he plays in the prestigious La Liga.

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