“Lee Kang-in is cheap compared to his talent.. Now is the chance”

Transfer rumors surrounding Lee Kang-in (RCD Mallorca) are hot this winter. There is no official proposal yet, but it seems to be moving frantically behind the scenes.

Spanish media ‘COPE’ argued on the 11th (Korean time) that if Lee Kang-in is aiming for the Premier League, now is his chance.

COPE said, ‘Lee Kang-in doesn’t have a very high starting price in his market compared to the talent he has. Mallorca says they have not received an official offer, but Lee Kang-in can be a target at any time,” he said, diagnosing that the fact that there is no recruitment offer at this point is not important.

COPE said, ‘Lee Kang-in’s ransom is 20 million euros (about 17 million pounds, 27 billion won). This is not a small amount for Mallorca. On the other hand, it is a very low amount for a Premier League club.”

The teams that showed interest in Lee Kang-in were known as Aston Villa, Newcastle, and Burnley in the Premier League and Feyenoord in the Dutch League 메이저사이트. In particular, Aston Villa, with Unai Emery as manager, is the most likely. Emery has been paying attention to Lee Kang-in in the Primera Liga since Villarreal.

Spain’s leading media ‘Marca’ also saw a high possibility of Lee Kang-in’s transfer.

Marca said, ‘I know that even Mallorca can’t keep Lee Kang-in. However, Mallorca wants to keep Lee Kang-in until the end of the season. However, because there is a buyout, it will not be easy (to pass the January transfer window).’

Newcastle is the best club for fans to enjoy. Newcastle were owned by Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund last year. It loaded huge amounts of oil money. They are third in the Premier League standings this season. A look into the Champions League next season is in sight. Like Manchester City, it is very likely to attract world-class star players while spending money aggressively.

Aston Villa is a stable mid-table team. They are far from qualifying for the Champions League. Burnley is currently in the second division, but promotion to the first division next season is certain. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Kang-in will be able to enter the Premier League through the January transfer market as predicted by the media.

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