‘Left, right, center’ Rashford, position doesn’t matter now

Marcus Rashford, who is responsible for scoring Manchester United, has stood tall as a goal scorer regardless of position.

On the afternoon of the 12th (Korean time) at Elland Road in Leeds, England, Leeds United and Man United will face each other through the 2022-2023 English Premier League (EPL).

Rashford-related questions continued to head coach Eric Tenhach, who attended a press conference the day before the match. Rashford is one of the most popular strikers at Manchester United. He has scored 20 goals this season, including cup competitions, and is breaking various records. Rashford, who had a taste of goal in the previous game against Leeds, scored 6 consecutive goals in the EPL match held at Old Trafford. It has been 11 years since Manchester United legend Wayne Rooney in April 2012.

One of the characteristics of Rashford this season is that he can digest various positions in the front. In his last match against Leeds, he started on the right flank and moved to the left in the second half. When Jadon Sancho and Facundo Felistri were brought in, he moved back to center. And he also tasted the goal.

“Rashford can score anywhere. Right, left or centre, it doesn’t matter,” Tenhach said.

Regarding the decision to move to the center during the last game against Leeds, he explained, “If we make a change, the opponent must also change. We will probably face a difficult situation. Because there is a change in dynamics, the opponent’s defense will have to deal with it again.”

“There comes a time when we have to make real-time changes during matches,” said Tenhach. It was the same with Rashford, but also with Sancho and Pellistri. We always made changes in the previous games. 토토사이트

When asked how to use Rashford in the series against Leeds, coach Tenhach said, “First, you have to analyze it. Then you have to see how you will face it.” If you look at the players, left, right, or center doesn’t matter. He is also a player who can create a dynamic game,” he repeatedly praised.

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