‘Longevity Foreigner’ Osmar’s cry “Seoul, let’s regain its former glory”

FC Seoul’s ‘long-lived foreigner’, Osmar (35), who shares the glory and humiliation of the team, wants to rebuild Seoul.

Osmar contributed to the team’s 2-0 victory by scoring the team’s opening goal in the match against Gwangju FC held at the Gwangju Soccer Stadium on the 5th. Seoul lost to the home team Gwangju in terms of game content, but took advantage of its numerical superiority and won two consecutive victories after the opening.

After the game, he participated in the interview as a distinguished player, but his expression did not look very bright. It wasn’t just because the content of the game that day was unsatisfactory.

He expressed concern about the status of the team that had recently fallen. “Our team was in a better position than it was a few years ago. We think we should be one of the biggest teams in Korea. We are a team that runs with the name of the capital, Seoul,” he said. “There are things we have lost over the past few years. We have to get back to what we were before,” he said, raising his voice.

Osmar joined the team in 2014, when the promotion and relegation system was just beginning to take its first steps. He briefly rented to Japan in 2018, but has since continued his relationship with Seoul.

In the meantime, the team has tasted both glory and humiliation. They won the FA Cup in 2015 and the K-League in 2016 to maintain their position as a top team in the league, but after falling to 9th place in 2020, they stayed in the lower split for three consecutive seasons. It’s been so long that I deserve to say this.

I asked him, ‘What should Seoul do to get back to where it was before?’

He said, “It’s not something that happens overnight,” and then said, “First of all, we need to start over from walking.” “The most important thing is mentality. Young players, players new to the team, all need strong mental strength. We should not lower our heads during the game and easily give up points when the opponent comes to our stadium.”

Pointing to his head and chest, he said, “You have to show how much your head and heart want it and how passionate you are.” Then, confidence and performance will follow,” he said, emphasizing his mental armament.

As such, Seoul is a team that has a special meaning to him. “I think every game, every season could be the last. So, I try to enjoy it as much as possible. At the same time, he emphasized that he is enjoying every moment as if it were his last.

“Usually, when a player gets old, people say, ‘I can’t play like I used to,’ and ‘I don’t have the same dedication as I used to. I have a stronger will than before and am trying to set an example for the younger players. I want to play here as long as possible,” he said, revealing his desire to become the longest-serving foreign player in the K-League.

Coach Ahn Ik-soo called him “more professional than anyone else” and “a player who gives an important message to the team.” “Sometimes I become a mentor to my juniors, and sometimes I become a leader, leading the team diligently. In that respect, he is creating an opportunity for the team to develop,” he said about his presence in the team. 먹튀검증

Regarding his concerns about his physical condition, he drew a line, saying, “It is a situation where there is no major problem because the way to manage his condition and his routine are clearly established.”

“There is nothing special,” Osmar said of his routine. However, there were clear principles. “It is important to prioritize clearly. As we get older, we need different things than before. The routine that worked 15 to 20 years ago and my routine now are different. Depending on your age, you have to adapt to new things. It’s important to know when to rest, when you need extra training, to know what your strengths and weaknesses are, and to know what you can and cannot do.” said.

“I didn’t come here to play, I came here for a career,” he said, emphasizing that he understands what he needs to take care of his body.

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