‘Look at your belly, are you a pro?” Neymar mocked by PSG fans

With Lionel Messi (35) leaving Paris Saint-Germain (PSG), the future of his best friend Neymar (31) is also a hot topic.

Neymar scored 18 goals and provided 17 assists in 29 official appearances for PSG this season, but a right ankle injury ended his season prematurely.

PSG is planning to rebuild around Kylian Mbappe in an effort to win the Champions League. At the same time, they’ll have to tighten their belts by releasing some big-name players.

Neymar, for example, has a salary of €3.6 million ($5 billion). He’s under contract until the summer of 2027. His on- and off-field behavior is constantly in the news, and his high price tag makes him a priority to sell.

In this situation, Neymar has made PSG fans happy again. Portugal’s Avola published a photo of Neymar during his seven-day vacation. At first glance, his stomach protrudes.

According to the media, Neymar’s body shape during the offseason is a big topic of discussion. He has been criticized by PSG fans for being unprofessional.

Self-care is a must for a professional. He”s been rehabilitating since his surgery in March. Even if he hasn”t been able to play recently, he”s in terrible shape.

Fans have called him “terrible” and “where’s his six-pack…”.

Neymar’s official profile lists his height at 175 centimeters and weight at 68 kilograms. Fans are understandably upset that he’s gaining weight.토토사이트

But there’s no need to worry. In the past, Neymar has been criticized for “gaining weight” in the offseason. He’s always come back and lost the weight.

Media outlets have hinted that Neymar is one of the players to leave PSG in this summer’s transfer window.

PSG will be touring Japan in July. It is unclear if Neymar will join them after his recovery.

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