Machado opt-out plan after season, aiming for FA jackpot

Reporter Park Sang-hyun = San Diego Padres starting third baseman Manny Machado is thinking of becoming a free agent again after this season. He is already preparing for the San Diego club., which delivers news on the American professional baseball Major League (MLB), said on the 18th (Korean time) that Machado is thinking of entering the free agent market after this season.

Machado, who worked with Ryu Hyun-jin (Toronto Blue Jays) at the Los Angeles Dodgers until 2018, signed a 10-year, $300 million (390 billion won) contract in 2019 after becoming a free agent. According to the contract, Machado can only become a free agent after the 2028 season is over.

However, the contract at the time included a clause that allowed him to return to the free agency market through an opt-out after 5 years. If Machado exercises an opt-out that allows him to unilaterally terminate his contract, he could become a free agent.

Machado has plenty of potential to become a super-large free agent. His batting average in the 30s was only in 2020 (0.304), which was a shortened season, but he consistently recorded records in the second half of the 20s. He also hit close to 30 home runs, except in 2020. His slugging power was so good that he hit 16 home runs in 2020, even though he only played 60 games. It goes without saying that he was also good at third base defense.

Because of this, Machado quickly established himself as San Diego’s leader. San Diego is unthinkable without Machado. 바카라

San Diego is also well aware that Machado will exercise an opt-out. This was already evident when San Diego signed Yu Darvish to a long-term contract. San Diego has already signed a contract with Darvish, and has stated that their next goal is to renew Machado’s contract.

If Machado exercises an opt-out, it means, of course, that he will ask for a higher amount than the current contract. The current contract guarantees an annual salary of 30 million dollars (39 billion won). In the end, it is expected to receive more than 30 million dollars.

In this case, it is necessary to look at the examples of other players who have drawn large contracts in the free agent market. Aaron Judge signed a nine-year contract with the New York Yankees for $360 million (468 billion won). If you want to get as much as Judge, you can ask for an annual salary close to 40 million dollars (52 billion won) or more.

On the other hand, Machado said, “I have affection for San Diego, but this is business. The market changes. It has changed a lot from when I signed five years ago.” It is the ultimate goal for this year. I do my job right and the contract is for the agents and club officials to handle.”

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