“Man City did well to win the title without number 9″… Porter’s Rebuttal

The winner of the transfer market last winter was none other than Chelsea of ​​the English Premier League (EPL).

Chelsea spent £106.8 million (162 billion won) on the transfer of Benfica’s Enzo Fernandez. It was the highest transfer fee ever in EPL history. They also paid 88 million pounds (133.1 billion won) to bring Mudrik to Mikhail. It was Chelsea who spent the most money in the winter transfer market.

However, despite spending a lot of money, they are criticized for failing to recruit a proper front-line striker. It’s because of Chelsea’s poor scoring ability.

Manchester United legend Rio Ferdinand pointed out: “Chelsea don’t have the number 9. They spend so much money and still can’t get a striker. They go to the goal well but they can’t finish. That’s the biggest problem.” 메이저놀이터

Chelsea manager Graham Porter responded. He said that he did not need an expensive front-line striker. He cited Manchester City as an example.

Director Porter said through the European professional football site ‘Tribal Football’, “It is not so simple to buy the number 9 that fits the club’s investment plan. Also, even if you buy an expensive striker, you cannot completely solve the problem of offensive power.” said.

He said, “Man City recruited Elling Haaland this season, and it took a while for Haaland to melt into the team.” He said, “Last season was the same, and for the past five years, Man City won the EPL without the number 9 sign. .Man City have become the best team in the EPL without the number 9. What better way than buying the number 9 is to make the team work more harmoniously.”

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