Money earned from baseball, ‘Hola Dang’ from college football… Lost 11.4 billion in 2 years with sports betting

Did you say money is what goes around?

The sports betting enthusiast who made his fortune playing baseball last fall lost his entire fortune on college football.

This is the story of Jim McInvale (72), nicknamed ‘Mattress Mac’ for running a mattress chain in Houston, USA.

He won the biggest money in sports betting history last year and became a global topic. He bet 10 million dollars (approximately 12.4 billion won) on his hometown team Houston Astros to win the American Professional Baseball World Series, and received a prize of 75 million dollars (approximately 93.3 billion won).

However, it seems that his ‘tact’ is not always good.

According to USA Today’s report on the 10th (local time), Mr. McInvale also bet a large sum of money on the final of the College Football Playoff (CFP) held the night before. Contrary to his expectations, however, Texas Christian University (TCU) lost 7-65 to the University of Georgia, throwing 3 million dollars (approximately 3.7 billion won) into the air. It’s not just this time. In last year’s CFP final, he also lost all his bets on the University of Alabama, not on the University of Georgia, by betting $6.2 million. Losing 9.2 million dollars (approximately 11.4 billion won) in CFP alone for two years because of the University of Georgia. 온라인카지노

However, Mr. McInvale, who enjoys betting on various sports, is aloof. “A gambler must be resilient,” is his response to losing a large sum.

He aims to make a fortune again in the next ‘gambling’.
Betting $2.5 million on the Houston University ‘Cougars’ championship in NCAA, which is known as ‘March Madness’. If you get it right, you get back 22 million dollars, nearly 10 times that.

Meanwhile, Mr. McInvale raises the amount of bets through promotional events at his furniture store. After selling a certain product for a certain amount or more, if he hits and wins the prize money, he returns the entire purchase amount to the customers who participated in the event. It’s like getting furniture for free from the customer’s point of view.

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