Mulich packed up and left Seongnam Jeon Hoon-ji Namhae… Joining Suwon Samsung

 Mulich (29)’s trip to Suwon Samsung is imminent.

Suwon left striker Oh Hyeon-kyu to Celtic, which had repeatedly sent love calls. Having collected a transfer fee of nearly 4 billion won, Suwon has been looking for a striker to replace Oh Hyun-kyu.

Suwon, learning from the failure of recruiting Groning last season, wanted someone with experience in the K-League. Leonardo, who played for Ulsan Hyundai, was mentioned as a candidate, but it was not easy. Kim Shin-wook, who obtained free agency (FA) qualifications, was also one of the strong candidates. It is known that manager Lee Byeong-geun also wanted to recruit Kim Shin-wook. However, as Kim Shin-wook chose Kitchi (Hong Kong), Suwon turned to Mulich.

Only the detailed procedures necessary for the transfer were left. In fact, Mulich has accompanied Seongnam’s second field training in Namhae. However, as the negotiations progressed rapidly, he packed up his belongings and left Namhae on the afternoon of the 3rd. He didn’t even attend training that day. He is expected to join Suwon directly after completing the transfer process. 먹튀검증

Mulich is a tall striker with a height of 203 cm. In the 2021 season, his first season, he scored 13 goals in 36 matches. In his last season, he scored 9 goals in 33 matches. He is a player whose strengths are in speed and shooting rather than heading, which utilizes his right to provide. He is not a typical target striker, but he can fit in the counterattack that Suwon boasts. With about three weeks left until the opening, the key is how Suwon, who has been transfused with a new face, will find a way to use Mulich during this period.

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