Ohtani’s flight to New York? $500 million isn’t enough… Is the Dodgers overkill?

“Will it inspire the Mets and Yankees to make a historic offer?”

It’s no surprise that the Los Angeles Dodgers are Shohei Ohtani’s (LA Angels) next destination. The fact that the Dodgers are reluctant this offseason is a big picture looking thoroughly one year later. The Dodgers are ready to pay $500 million for Ohtani, whether in trade or free agency.

If so, will other clubs really just watch Ohtani go to the Dodgers? New York local media SNY predicted on the 26th (Korean time) that the New York Yankees and New York Mets had already moved steadily to recruit Ohtani, and that they would try to recruit Ohtani in the future. Of course, even this media saw the possibility of Ohtani going to the Dodgers as high.

There is a story that Ohtani did not prefer New York when choosing the Los Angeles Angels when he entered the major leagues. Nevertheless, it was revealed that the Yankees and Mets had been constantly trying to trade with the Angels to change Ohtani’s mind.

SNY saw the possibility that the Mets could complete the Ohtani trade due to Cohen’s propensity to be a ‘billionaire owner’, but the possibility was low. The possibility of going to the Yankees was also low. But SNY said, “For what it’s worth, the two New York teams talked to the Angels about Ohtani last year and couldn’t come to an agreement.”

The Yankees were particularly aggressive, and the Mets are still talking about Ohtani. SNY said, “Cohen has been consistently talking to senior officials about Ohtani recruitment this winter. The Yankees were quite aggressive in the Ohtani trade in July last year, so it cannot be ruled out.”

It is likely that the Yankees and Mets will continue to strive for Ohtani. However, SNY did not have an East Coast team among the 7 candidate teams when Ohtani signed with the Angels, and basically looked at the Dodgers as a strong possibility. I thought that the Yankees and Mets, who had to take into account the luxury tax, could offer Ohtani between 400 and 500 million dollars. 카지노사이트

With the Angels declaring that they will not sell the club, the atmosphere to sign Ohtani has already begun. SNY eventually saw that Ohtani would go to the free agent market, not trade. However, the lid must be opened. It is true that the Dodgers were the most advanced in Ohtani’s acquisition battle, but we also have to watch the Yankees and Mets’ movements. Whether Ohtani still doesn’t like New York is also a variable.

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