Opponent’s headlock → ‘Embarrassed hand’ after the game… Ronaldo demanded to leave Saudi Arabia

Ronaldo was at the center of controversy for several actions during his match against Al Nasr.

Global media ‘Goal.com’ said on the 20th (Korean time), “Ronaldo has recently been criticized for indecent behavior and should be expelled from Saudi Arabia. He explained that he touched the groin area because of the pain.”

Ronaldo joined Al Nasr in January of this year and entered the Saudi Arabia League. Having played for Manchester United in the first half of this season, he was controversial before the start of the season. Rumors arose that he did not participate in the pre-season tour due to personal family issues, which in fact prompted his move.먹튀검증

It didn’t end here. Ronaldo has been rumored to have a feud with new manager Eric ten Haag. Then, ahead of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar, “I feel betrayed by Manchester United. Some officials from the club are trying to kick me out. Manchester United haven’t improved at all since Alex Ferguson left. Coach Ten Hag doesn’t respect me. So neither do I.” made a statement

Ultimately, Ronaldo terminated his contract with Manchester United by mutual agreement. And through the transfer market in January, I was able to wear the Al Nasr uniform. Ronaldo will play for Al Nasr until the summer of 2025. In particular, according to Spain’s ‘Marca’, Ronaldo’s annual salary is known to be a whopping 200 million euros (approximately 291.1 billion won). 

Currently, Ronaldo is adjusting smoothly to Al Nasr. He scored 11 goals in 11 appearances in the Saudi Professional League. However, he has been scoreless in the last two games in a row. And in the 25th round of the league against Al Hilal on the 19th, he showed controversial behavior. Ronaldo played full-time as a starter in this match, but he did not perform well. 

He was eccentric during the game. Ronaldo covered the player’s head with both arms while blocking Al-Hilal in the 12th minute of the second half. It looked like a ‘headlock’-like stance, one of his professional wrestling techniques. Ronaldo was immediately given a warning. However, Ronaldo seemed to seldom let go of his anger.

Even after the final whistle blew. ‘Goal.com’ said, “When Al-Hilal home fans chanted the name of Lionel Messi, Ronaldo responded by grabbing his groin. Fans were outraged when Ronaldo behaved indecently during Ramadan and demanded that he be expelled from Saudi Arabia.” claim,” he said. 

According to the media, Al-Nasr’s side claimed that Ronaldo was injured during the match, which caused him to touch the groin area. 

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