Park Ji-won holding the ‘1st place trophy’ in her arms “Even though it’s heavy, I stroke it every day”

Park Ji-won, who has emerged as a new leader in men’s short track speed skating, unveiled a special trophy given only to the world’s No. 1 player.
Reporter Choi Hyung-gyu met Park Ji-won, who expressed his determination to ‘be able to develop further’ while dreaming of the ‘dream stage’ Olympics.

Park Ji-won, who says that her ‘second heyday’ has come, is just happy these days.

This is because he won a whopping 14 gold medals in 6 World Cups this season and became the protagonist of the ‘Crystal Globe’, a trophy given only to the world’s No. 1 ranking. 토토사이트

▶ Interview: Park Ji-won / Short track national team member
– “Isn’t her hair pretty. It’s very heavy. It’s heavy, but I think this weight is the weight of ranking first…”

Park Ji-won, who was not frustrated with the pain of not being able to go to the Beijing Olympics after being eliminated from the national team selection two years ago, reclaimed her top spot with the Taegeuk mark by refining the outer course, which is more difficult than the in-course.

▶ Interview: Park Ji-won / Short track national team member
– “I don’t think anyone chooses (the outer course) because it’s more difficult. Rather, when the players are tired and tired, they want to go inside…” In three years when the next Olympics will be held, he will be a 30-year-old veteran, but ‘I can develop further’

For Park Ji-won, the Olympics is a ‘dream stage’ that she has yet to step on.

– “If you think there is something you can do better and fill in the missing points, you will be able to reach the age of 30 with a more developed image…”

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