‘Park Jong-ha’s penalty shootout winner’ Sungkyunkwan University beats Myeongji for seventh win of the season

Park Jong-ha came up big in the clutch in the fourth quarter to give his team the win.

Sungkyunkwan University won 75-65 against Myongji University in the 2023 KUSF U-League at Myongji University’s Natural Campus Gymnasium on Wednesday.

Sungkyunkwan improved to 7-6 with the win. Myongji University, on the other hand, was unable to sustain its early momentum and dropped to ninth place with a 5-8 record.

It was the home team, Myeongji, that managed to take the early lead in the match. Utilizing the double post of Harrigan and Uhm Yoon-hyuk, Myeongji University easily found the bottom of the net to take the lead.

Sungkyunkwan University fought back with four three-pointers from Park Jong-ha and Lee Hyun-ho, but Myeongji also had three three-pointers from So Jun-hyuk to end the first quarter with a 26-12 lead.

In the second quarter, Sungkyunkwan University turned the tide with its trademark frontal pressure defense. Sungkyunkwan made two consecutive pressure defenses that led to easy baskets, and Park Jong-ha hit a three-pointer to cut the deficit to one.

Myeongji University brought back So Jun-hyuk and Harrigan, who had shown good form in the first quarter, but they were unable to make a breakthrough. Sungkyunkwan University, on the other hand, ended the second quarter with a 45-41 lead after Lee Hyun-ho and Jung Bae-kwon scored back-to-back breakaway baskets.

In the third quarter, Sungkyunkwan quickly extended its lead to more than 10 points. Park Jong-ha’s three-pointer and Won Jun-seok’s breakthrough scoring sparked the momentum.

Myungji University was unable to capitalize on its height advantage, and So Jun-hyuk’s shooting went cold and he was plagued by empty baskets. Sungkyunkwan University, on the other hand, took a big lead in the third quarter, 64-53, when Won Jun-seok scored just before the end of the quarter.먹튀검증

In the fourth quarter, Myeongji University began to pull away. Myeongji University narrowed the gap to five points (59-64) with a basket by Harrigan and a fastbreak basket by Won Sung-wook. Myeongji University then combined back-to-back baskets by ace So Jun-hyuk and a fastbreak basket by Jung In-ho to pull within one point.

However, mistakes eventually caught up with them. They lost momentum when Park Ji-hwan committed two consecutive turnovers and Harrigan left the court due to accumulating technical fouls.

Sungkyunkwan seized the momentum with four straight points from Park Jong-ha and a tip-in from Won Jun-seok to put the finishing touches on the game.

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