Pele’s last Brazilian jersey is up for auction… how much?

 Pele, the greatest player in football history, passed away last month. He was Brazilian football itself. Pele has won three World Cup trophies while wearing a Brazilian jersey.

Pele’s last Brazilian national team jersey has been auctioned off. Back number 10 on a yellow top. It is the same uniform as the symbol of Pele and the symbol of Brazil. 먹튀검증

Britain’s ‘BBC’ reported that “the last national team jersey of legendary soccer player Pele was auctioned, and the value of the jersey was evaluated at 30,000 pounds (45.77 million won).”

The media continued, “This uniform is Pele’s uniform made for the 1971 Brazil-Yugoslavia match. Pele did not wear this uniform at the time. There were two types of long-sleeved and short-sleeved uniforms. I ran, and the long-sleeved uniform was presented to the duty trainer.”

According to ‘BBC’, this uniform was later purchased by a restaurant owner, and he decided to put it out into the world. He hoped that more people would share Pele’s memories by being displayed in museums.

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