Pohang Women’s High School defeats Yesung Women’s High School to reach ‘5 consecutive finals’… Secondary schools ‘clash’ in Yesung Women’s VS Kwangyoung final

High school girls’ powerhouse Pohang Women’s College showed off their better side after winning the title. It punched its ticket to the finals for the fifth consecutive time.

On the 24th, Pohang Women’s College defeated Yesung Girls High School 1-0 in the high school quarterfinals of the 31st Queen’s National Women’s Soccer Tournament ‘2023 Wellness Healing Specialty City Hapcheon’ at Hwanggang Gunmin Sports Park in Hapcheon, Gyeongnam카지노.

They defended their one-goal lead. In the 17th minute, Kim Soo-yeon’s shot went just wide of the post, but in the 28th minute, Park Je-ah’s cross rattled the net from a position with no angle. With the victory, Pohang Women’s College reached the final with an undefeated record after four matches in the group stage.

In the quarterfinal match between Gwangyang Girls’ High School and Robot High School, Gwangyang Girls’ High School scored four goals. With a clean sheet, they were the last to board the final train. After scoring two goals in the last minute of the first half, Gwangyang Girls’ High School pushed hard in the second half. They added two more goals in the second half to seal the deal.

Meanwhile, in the girls’ middle school quarterfinals, Chungbuk Yeesung Girls’ Middle School, which defeated Chungnam Ganggyeong Girls’ Middle School 4-1, and Gwangyoung Middle School, which defeated Nowon United, will meet in the final.

Yesung Girls’ Middle School conceded the first goal to Kangkyeong Girls’ Middle School, but came back with four goals in the second half. After conceding the lead six minutes into the first half, Jeon Hae-eun equalized in the 28th minute, followed by Kim Hee-jin’s mid-range shot in the 29th minute, and Im A-jin’s third goal in the 35th minute.

They added one more goal in the second half. In the 25th minute of the second half, Im celebrated her multi-goal performance with a header from a corner kick.

Kwang Young-jung opened the scoring early in the second half. In the 11th minute, Hwang Da-i headed home a ground ball cross from Yu Cho-ryun. In the 33rd minute, Kim Seo-yoon headed in Kim Hyo-joo’s cross from the left side of the penalty box.

Na Kyung-mi scored the equalizer at the start of the second half, but Nowon United lost the game in the 23rd minute when Kim Hyo-joo scored a wedge goal in the opponent’s counterattack.

◇2023 The 31st Queen’s National Women’s Soccer Tournament in Hapcheon, a specialty city for wellness healing, results on the 24th.

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