Problems with doing too well… ‘Hvica→Real, Kim Min-jae→Man Utd, Osimen→Chelsea’ mid-air decomposition crisis

It’s a problem if you do too well. Napoli are on the verge of disintegration at the end of this season.

Napoli currently leads Serie A with 19 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss with 59 points from 22 league matches. The gap with Inter Milan in second place is a whopping 15 points. Winning the league championship after 33 seasons since the 1989/90 season is also not a dream.

The key to this was that the freshmen melted well into the existing squad.

Existing players such as Amir Rahmani, Jambo Angusa, Stanislav Robotka, Piotr Zielinski, and Victor Osimen are showing more advanced skills.

Freshmen such as Kim Min-jae and Hvitza Kvarachhelia filled the gaps left by key players such as Kalidou Koulibaly and Dries Mertens.

Except for a moment of shaking right after the start of the second half, it has been cruising steadily since the first half.

But doing too well turned into a problem. Summarizing the transfer rumors that have come out so far, it is highly likely that Napoli will disintegrate next season.

Jupo Osimen has been receiving a love call from Chelsea in the Premier League since last winter.

The news is that Chelsea, who is in desperate need of a striker, wants Osimen, who is the league’s top scorer with 17 goals this season.

In addition to Romelu Lukaku, who left on loan to Inter Milan, there were even rumors of a cash trade. Chelsea want to quench their long-standing thirst for a front-line striker by signing Osimen.

Kim Min-jae is known to receive a love call from Manchester United.

Reports have recently appeared that Harry Maguire will leave the team after failing to show a good performance at Manchester United, unlike the national team, and that Kim Min-jae will replace him.

First of all, it was concluded that Maguire would remain this season, but Man United is poised to bring Kim Min-jae even after paying all the buyout amount in the summer transfer market.

It’s clear that Manchester United, who want to sell Phil Jones as well as Maguire, will be looking for an additional centre-back. 메이저사이트

Recently, striker ace Kvarachhelia has been linked with Spanish giants Real Madrid.

Spain’s Cadena Ser said on the 15th (Korean time) that Real Madrid are considering signing Kvarachhelia if Jude Bellingham fails.

Of course, the chances of getting hired are not high. The media said, “Not only Real’s plan A, but also B and C all sign Bellingham. We will consider recruiting only if possible.”

But Bellingham wants Liverpool. Not less than Man City, Real is in a situation where it is necessary to keep Hvica in sight.

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