Responsibility for the ‘tear gas final’ that almost became a disaster lies with UEFA… Announcement of investigation results

Ahead of the European Football Federation Champions League (UCL) held in Paris last year, there was great confusion, such as delaying kick-offs and using tear gas against soccer fans. As a result of the investigation, the greatest responsibility for the situation lay with the European Football Federation (UEFA).

An independent report commissioned by UEFA was released on the 14th (Korean time). The incident happened on May 29 last year. The 2021-2022 UCL final, held at the Stade de France in Paris, France, ended with Real Madrid beating Liverpool 1-0.

Kick-off was delayed by 36 minutes due to confusion as spectators entered before the game. It was reported that the police subdued the attack with tear gas as unticketed Liverpool fans attempted to break in, but there were also reports that Liverpool fans were overpowered and that UEFA and Paris police hadtily shifted the blame to Liverpool. 온라인바카라

As a result of the investigation over about 7 months, there was no evidence that football fans outside the stadium showed violent behavior. It was a dangerous situation that led to the conclusion that ‘it is surprising that no one died’, and the conclusion is that ‘UEFA, the organizer, is most responsible for the situation at the time that almost became a disaster’. The French police and the French Football Association were also partly to blame.

Eight factors that threatened safety were pointed out: ‘disproportionately many Liverpool supporters went directly to the Stade de France Saint-Denis train station’, ‘poor planning of route guidance from the station to the stadium’, ‘poor ticket issuance system’ Including, poor management system around the stadium, ‘failed to manage many local spectators when they entered’, and ‘police spraying tear gas and pepper spray’.

France is the country that hosted the Rugby World Cup final this year and the Olympics and Paralympics next year. The need to check the French police authorities’ ability to manage large-scale sporting events has been raised.

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