Restoration of the commanding position of the final boss that everyone wants… Will the number of wins for the first start in the debut work?

Samsung has rolled up its sleeves to save Oh Seung-hwan, the ‘end boss’.

Oh Seung-hwan, who had a personal career record of 370 saves until last year, appeared in 10 games this season and showed a sluggish performance with 1 win, 1 loss, 4 saves and 2 holds with an ERA of 4.50. 

Manager Park Jin-man and pitching coach Jeong Hyeon-wook plan to spare no support so that Seung-hwan Oh can get back on track. They said in unison, “Oh Seung-hwan is a very important player on our team. He must somehow help him regain his form.” 

Seung-hwan Oh’s start against Kiwoom in Daegu on the 3rd is also part of a project to escape the slump prepared by coach Jin-man Park and coach Hyun-wook Jung. 

Head coach Park Jin-man said before the game on the 2nd, “I was surprised to hear Seung-hwan Oh’s suggestion from coach Hyun-wook Jung. Seung-hwan Oh is a very important player in our team. We have to create a good atmosphere no matter what.” 

He added, “I had difficulty balancing because there were few pitches in the middle, but I hope to regain my pace by digesting a lot of pitches and innings. I’m thinking about 60 pitches at most.” 

Coach Jung Hyeon-wook, who played an active role as a key member of Samsung Pilseung-jo in the past, saw an effect as a starter in order to recover his pitch. This is the reason why Seung-hwan Oh was suggested to head coach Park Jin-man. 먹튀검증

“Anyway, Seung-Hwan Oh is showing signs of shrinking from the mound because he went out in a tight situation and the result was not good. Coach Jung Hyeon-wook said, 

“I’ve been out in a situation where I shouldn’t have scored and I keep giving it, but I can’t afford it and I feel like I’m being chased because I can’t afford it.” He’ll start and throw long, which could be a good thing. That’s how I learned from pitching coaches in the past 

. ” The player who needs to hold the center should hold it,” he emphasized. 

The manager, coaching staff, players, front desk, and fans are all in one heart, earnestly hoping for the recovery of the ‘living legend’ Oh Seung-hwan. / .kr

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