Rivals help and they do well, ‘Looks like a winner’

Italian professional soccer Serie A Napoli is getting closer to the Scudetto (winner).

Napoli won 2-0 against Salernitana in the 19th round of the 2022-2023 Serie A held at Stadio Arechi in Salerno, Italy on the 22nd (hereinafter Korean time). With this, Napoli consolidated their lead with 16 wins, 2 draws and 1 loss.

It is of great significance that the team reached the 50 point mark with this victory. Serie A is a 38 round system. In other words, the 19th round is the turning point, the end of the first half. Just half way through, Napoli reached 50 points. This is the third time after Juventus and Inter Milan in the past.

The odds of winning are also high. Champions rival Juventus was punished with a 15-point reduction due to accounting fraud on the 21st. It fell from 3rd to 10th. A total of two teams were chasing AC Milan in second place, but only one team remained, reducing the psychological burden. 메이저사이트

If you look at the current performance, you can see the league championship in 33 years. Napoli’s last season is the 1989-1990 season. At the time, the late Diego Maradona (Argentina) was very active and led Naples to the top. Rivals help, and they themselves are doing well, so the third peak this year is expected to become a reality if it is not a big variable.

At the center is Kim Min-jae. Kim Min-jae left Fenerbahce (Turkiye) ahead of this season and became a member of Napoli. He’s doing great right away. In this match against Selernitana, it received a high rating of 7.9. It boasted a solid defensive power such as 100% tackle success (2 attempts), as well as 93% pass success (146 attempts, 136 successes) in its strength, build-up. If this performance continues, Kim Min-jae will experience the top 5 big leagues in Europe in the first year of his transfer.

It could be 12 years since the ‘Korean legend’ Park Ji-sung. In the past, Park Ji-sung played for Manchester United in the English Professional Football Premier League (EPL) and experienced a total of four league titles. The last is the 2010-2011 season. If Kim Min-jae wins the Scudetto, a Korean big league champion will emerge for the first time in 12 years.

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