Road FC, where ‘Hwang In-soo’s match’ Yoon Tae-young and Park Hyeong-geun flocked, started a war over the ‘tournament’ seed right?

 Players such as ‘Hwang In-soo’s match’ Yoon Tae-yeong (27, Jeju Team Ducking) and ‘Strengthening Fighter’ Park Hyung-geun (37) began to move for the seed right in the ‘Global Tournament’.

On the 12th, Road FC Chairman Jung Mun-Hong’s personal YouTube channel, ‘Gao Hyung Life’, released a teaser video for the Korean version of ‘Gao Hyung’s Scouter’, which determines the Korean entrants in the ‘Global Tournament’.

Road FC and WFSO (World Martial Arts Association) will hold the Wonju MMA Sports Festival on June 24th and 25th at the Wonju Sports Complex. Goobne ROAD FC 064, a professional competition, will be held on the 24th, and the 6th World Mixed Martial Arts Festival, an amateur competition, will be held on the 25th.

The global tournament opening ceremony will be held at Goobne ROAD FC 064. It is a global tournament with prize money in billions and will be held in the form of a quarter-final tournament. The matchup will be made up of 4 Korean players and 4 foreign players.

The current ‘Global Tournament’ bantamweight (-63kg) seeds are Kim Soo-cheol (31, ROAD FC GYM Wonju), ‘Road FC Bantamweight Champion’ Moon Mun-hun (39, Octagon Multi Gym), and ‘7-fighter’ Yang Ji-yong (26, Jeju Team). The King), leaving one Korean seed right.바카라사이트

In addition, the ‘Global Tournament’ lightweight (-70kg) seed rights will be confirmed by ‘Road FC Lightweight Champion’ Park Si-won (21, Cowboy MMA) and ‘Road FC Featherweight Champion’ Park Hae-jin (31, Kingdom MMA), with two vacant opponents in the lightweight category. am.

Tournaments have a ‘reserve’ because unpredictable situations such as injuries and accidents occur one after another. At this point, attention is focused on which players will be selected for the ‘Reserve’.

In episode 1 of the Korean episode of ‘Gao-hyung’s Scouter’, which will be released on the 15th in ‘Gao-hyung’s Life’, a showdown between fighters who bet on one vacant bantamweight seed and two lightweight seeds will unfold.

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