Ronaldo still shows off his jumping power at the age of 37… Colleagues are also excited

Cristiano Ronaldo still showed off his jumping power at the age of 37.

Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ posted training photos on the 13th (Korean time), saying, “The teammates of Ronaldo’s Al Nasr still don’t believe in training with one of the greatest footballers in history, as evidenced by the look on one of the players’ faces during training.” did.

Ronaldo wore Saudi Arabia’s Al Nasr shirt while earning the highest salary in football history. Reporter Fabricio Romano, who is familiar with the transfer market, said, “The contract will be until 2025. The annual salary will be 200 million euros (about 268.3 billion won), but this includes commercial amounts.”

Ronaldo also had powers comparable to that of a manager. CBS Sports of the United States explained that he had tremendous power, saying, “If Ronaldo wants a new manager, he will make it happen.” He is also known to have a voice in the recruitment of players. He was even recently alleged to have demanded the signing of Pepe.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo, who joined on the 31st of last month, is still unable to play. The Saudi Professional League is ongoing, but because Ronaldo has been suspended for two matches. Ronaldo was suspended for two matches by the FA for striking an Everton fan’s mobile phone in April last year.

However, Ronaldo was not punished at Manchester United. Because he moved right away. England’s ‘The Sun’ said “FIFA Rule 12.

Therefore, Ronaldo was unable to play against Al-Thai on the 7th. He is also unable to come out in the face-to-face match against Al-Shabab on the 12th. In the end, Ronaldo’s debut match is highly likely to be against Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Al Nasr will play a friendly against PSG on the 19th. There is a possibility that the ‘Meho War’ will come true. 온라인바카라

He is sweating hard for his debut match. Britain’s ‘Daily Star’ introduced, “Ronaldo’s training photos were taken on Al-Nasr’s official account. He jumped several feet in the air and showed himself towering over other players.” “One of his teammates looked at Ronaldo and opened his mouth wide, seemingly in awe of his athleticism,” he added.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo’s official jump record is a whopping 2.56m. Ronaldo scored a header against Sampdoria in the 2019-20 season during his Juventus days. At the time, Ronaldo showed off his high jump power to the extent that he was floating in the air for about 1.5 seconds.

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