Rules changed WBC, command tower capability became more important… I need ‘steel magic’

This is the time when the real magic of the national team (KT) coach Lee Kang-cheol is needed.

The Organizing Committee of the World Baseball Classic (WBC) announced new rules to be applied to the upcoming 5th tournament on the 7th (hereinafter Korean time).

What is notable is the variation related to video reading. In previous competitions, only the referee had the right to request interpretation, and there was no supervisor. This time, on the contrary, the referee’s authority is transferred to the coach as it is. Up to round 1, which is held as a full league, round 2 (quarterfinals), which is held as a single match, can be read once per team, and up to two times from the semifinals to the finals.

Video replay plays a decisive role in changing the flow of the game. If you succeed, you can even enjoy the side effect of correcting your mistake and pouring cold water on your opponent. Conversely, if it fails, the momentum of the allies may be weakened. In short-term battles, either way has a great effect.

A lot depends on director Lee Kang-chul’s judgment. After his active retirement at the end of the 2005 season, Lee steadily built his coaching career. In this way, he was appointed to the KT command tower in 2019 and achieved the feat of winning the club’s first combined championship in the 2021 season. After joining the league in 2015, the modifier ‘Steel Magic’ was attached to the achievement of the command tower that changed KT, which was at the bottom, into a winning team. 카지노사이트

Korean baseball, which tasted the humiliation of being eliminated in the first round in a row in the last 3 or 4 tournaments, is about to recover its honor with coach Lee Kang-cheol’s ‘Magic’. On the day of digging into the game flow in the magic of the command tower, whether the use of line video readings will emerge as a hot topic.

There are also minor changes to the match rules. The starting point, which was previously set at 11 rounds, was extended to 10 rounds, and the runner situation was also changed from 1st and 2nd base to 2nd base. Considering the fact that strong pitchers make the mound in a row in a short game, the possibility of a match is not small. The tricks that the command tower will pull out are also important.

In particular, the environment in which pitcher utilization and replacement timing is expected to shine from manager Lee remains the same. This is because restrictions on the number of pitches to protect pitchers and rest rules for consecutive fights have been maintained. However, the only variable is the fact that a rule has been added that must deal with three batters when pitching in the middle.

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