RYU, “more perfect in pitching and fastball”, will be stronger than Ohtani? BAL will be AL’s strongest team in early August

Is there still something missing?

The Toronto Blue Jays’ Ryu Hyun-jin’s comeback is expected to be delayed until early August.

‘Left-hander Ryu Hyun-jin will not join the rotation for this weekend’s three-game home series against the Los Angeles Angels, manager John Schneider said,’ Canadian media outlet Sportsnet reported on 25 August (KST), adding, ‘According to Schneider, Ryu, who is returning from Tommy John surgery, will throw one simulated game.

However, a return against the Angels has not been completely ruled out,” the outlet added. If Ryu does return against the Angels, he could be expected to start against pitcher Shohei Ohtani, or face Ohtani as a hitter, which would effectively wipe out his chances of facing Ohtani this season.

It’s an unexpected decision. In four minor league rehab appearances, Ryu has pitched 18 innings, allowing four runs on 13 hits and one walk while striking out 16. Two wins and a 2.00 ERA.

Most notably, in his last checkup, a Triple-A game on the 22nd, he allowed two runs on three hits and one walk over six innings, striking out five, and upped his fastball velocity to a high of 90.8 mph and an average of 88.4 mph while throwing 85 pitches. Very close to his 89.3 mph average velocity prior to elbow surgery.

Sportsnet reported, “Ryu’s minor league rehab assignment, scheduled for one month, will end on 4 August. That’s when he should be fully healthy and ready to rejoin the rotation.” “The Blue Jays have an off-day on Friday, followed by a 17-game road trip that begins with a game against the Angels. Ryu is expected to return to the rotation during this time.

Ryu arrived at Dodger Stadium in time to join the squad for the game against the Los Angeles Dodgers. Schneider’s decision not to give Ryu the “green light” right away could be explained by his desire to perfect his mechanics. Instead of pitching out of the bullpen, he pitched in a simulated game to further refine his physical condition and delivery.바카라사이트

In addition, Yusei Kikuchi and Alec Manoa, who had been showing signs of anxiety, have pitched well in their recent outings, which may have contributed to Ryu’s delayed return.

After the three-game series against the Dodgers, Toronto will have 28 days off before returning to Rogers Centre for a three-game series against the Angels and a four-game series against the Baltimore Orioles from 29-31 July. Ryu’s simulated game date is expected to be this weekend, and if so, his return will be during a four-game series against Baltimore from 1-4 August.

Toronto’s rotation for the three-game series against the Angels will be Kevin Gausman, Alec Manoa and Jose Berrios. With the decision to use a six-man rotation for the 17-game series, the best date for Ryu to join the rotation is 3 August, when Gaussman returns.

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