Samsung Life in desperate need to overcome on its own

Will it collapse like this? The shadow of the crisis over women’s professional basketball Samsung Life Insurance is getting thicker.

Samsung Life lost 67-88 to KB Stars on the 28th and fell into a five-game losing streak. In the first half before the break in the All-Star Game, they did not fall into a losing streak even once, and the winning rate, which had been saved one by one with two three-game winning streaks, has now fallen to the point where it is threatened with 50%. As of the 29th, Shinhan Bank in 4th place is being chased by KB Stars in 5th place with a 3-game gap, which is terrifyingly beaten by Park Ji-soo. In the current atmosphere, it is not possible to keep the 4th place, which is the final line of the playoffs, and there is a high possibility that it will end up in 5th place for 2 consecutive years. It is truly a moment of despair.

On December 26, in the game against Woori Bank, Lee Joo-yeon and Kiana Smith suffered knee injuries and ended the season, and the 5th consecutive loss began, but it was not easy to predict that it would be at least this far. However, in the match against the lowest ranked Hana 1Q on the 19th, it was decisive that he gave up all of the series against KB after losing a golden opportunity to break the losing streak by being pushed from the beginning by lethargic play. In particular, Bae Hye-yoon, who missed the KB match on the 25th, returned to the game on the 28th after overcoming knee pain, but was thoroughly suppressed by Park Ji-soo, a match-up opponent, and was completely defeated by 21 points, and the shock was inevitably greater.

It is natural that Bae Hye-yoon, who has to play Park Ji-soo, dropped his record, but the recent sluggishness of winger Kang Yu-rim, who stirred the inside and outside with great shooting sense in the first half, was even more painful. Kang Yoo-rim tried three 3-pointers that day, but all failed, and half of the 8 points came at the garbage time in the 4th quarter when the game was decided, so he did not play a role as a scorer at all. It was all the more disappointing considering that the sixth men, including Shin Dewseul with 3 shots and Kim Dan-bi, Park Hye-mi and Lee Myung-gwan with 2 each, made 9 3-point shots, evenly facing each other until the end of the 3rd quarter. 메이저사이트

As pointed out by Samsung Life coach Lim Geun-bae, the opposing team naturally prepares a customized defense against Kang Yu-rim, and the increased pressure as Kiana, who was responsible for half of the outside scoring, was left out also has an effect.

The current atmosphere of Samsung Life strangely overlaps with that of KB Stars in the first half, when Park Ji-soo was absent or not in a normal state. At the time, KB was in a crisis where the pillar center of the team was missing, but from the start, plays with low confidence appeared one after another, and when the flow was taken away from the game, most of them collapsed. Although the main guards and scorers have left, considering that Samsung Life Insurance has relatively less damage in terms of power than KB, which has abundant sixth-man resources such as Shin Dew-seul, Jo Soo-ah, Kim Dan-bi, and Lee Myung-gwan, and Park Ji-soo, who is an irreplaceable player, is missing, it is also psychologically similar to KB. It can be said that the reason for the current crisis is the lack of experience in the winning part and the winning department.

In order to be able to stand on the ‘Spring Basketball’ stage again after two years after blocking the terrifying pace of Shinhan Bank and KB Stars, and even if they do not make it to the playoffs, in order for the bench members to build good experiences to grow, they must eventually overcome themselves. The ‘important thing is an unbreakable heart’, which KB repeated many times in the first half, is now the turn to be transplanted to Samsung Life players.

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