Saudi ‘Meho War’… Score a goal and show off friendship by hugging

Messi vs Ronaldo’s ‘Meho Daejeon’ held in Saudi Arabia had a lot to see as it was a rumored feast.

After a rich match with a total of 9 goals, the two players showed off their friendship by posting pictures of each other hugging each other on social media.

This is reporter Shin Soo-bin.


Ronaldo’s debut match in Saudi Arabia and the ‘Meho War’, which took place after two years, began with friendship.

But on the field, it was fiercer than anyone else.

Messi took the lead with a light left-footed shot into the net in the third minute of the game.

Ronaldo was knocked to the ground after injuring his face while playing a header.

He succeeded in winning the penalty kick and counterattacked with his proprietary ‘Heavy Celebration’.

In extra time in the first half, when Ronaldo’s header hit the post, he finished with his left foot again, enthralling 68,000 fans once again. 바카라사이트

Even in the second half, there was plenty to see.

Ramos shook the net with his right foot, and former national team player Jang Hyun-soo joined the goal feast by scoring a header goal from a corner kick.

A total of 9 goals were scored. The victory went to Paris Saint-Germain.

The ‘Meho Daejeon’, which was played as a friendly match, continued warmly after the game was over.

Messi posted a video of himself hugging Ronaldo on his social media, and Ronaldo said, ‘It’s fun to see old friends’

Messi and Ronaldo, who are both in their mid-30s, made unforgettable memories in what could be the last confrontation.

This is Subin Shin from KBS News.

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