Schumacher is unconscious in an accident 10 years ago… Fake interview using AI “I can walk”

Family lawyer “I will ask for legal responsibility”

Michael Schumacher (54, Germany), the ‘Emperor of F1’ in car racing, ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Interview’ was published in a German weekly magazine (photo). Schumacher’s family plans to launch legal action.

According to CNN on the morning of the 21st (Korean time), the weekly magazine Die Aktuelle, published on the 16th, featured a picture of Schumacher and the title ‘Michael Schumacher’s First Interview’ on the front page.먹튀검증

Schumacher was the F1 champion seven times and is considered one of the greatest racers of all time. Schumacher hit his head on a rock at a ski resort in France in December 2013, and underwent two surgeries but never regained consciousness. Schumacher was taken home from the hospital in September 2014, and his condition has not been made public since. Schumacher never left the house.

D’Actuele, by the way, wrote and published an interview with Schumacher. Character AI, a virtual chatbot service platform, was used, and Schumacher was ‘quoted’. So, it’s a processed interview. On behalf of Schumacher, AI mentioned Schumacher’s health condition and family, such as “I can stand with support and take a few steps slowly” and “My wife and children are a blessing to me, and I would not have endured it without my family.”

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