Seong Han-soo, head coach Kim Cheon, “Checking other teams? Enjoying and overcoming even that”

Chun Kim, foretells a big change. Manager Kim Tae-wan, who has been in charge of the team for the past several years, steps down and challenges with Seong Han-soo as manager. Gimcheon deserves to be evaluated as the best player in the K League 2, but considering that football is not a sport that completely relies on ‘manpower’, it can be said that this is a season in which Seong’s leadership will be very important.

Director Seong revealed his aspirations as the new head of Gimcheon at a meeting with <Best Eleven> in Changwon, Gyeongsangnam-do, which was a training ground in January. Coach Seong said, “It is my responsibility to find the best possible solution despite the limitations of the military team.” He also pledged to play football that thrills fans with attacks that are faster and more goals than before.

“I will receive formal re-confidence in July.”

Q. Nice to meet you. After coach Kim Tae-wan left, he took over the team. His personal aspirations seem to be different, but
“First of all, I was somewhat prepared to become a manager after completing the AFC Leader P license last year. I want to play a lot of football.”

Q. Since Kim Cheon is a military team, it is decided to separate from the players. It is not easy to run the team as a manager, but he said,
“It’s a fixed thing anyway. It’s not something I can change. I think it’s my role to bring out the players’ capabilities to the maximum. I am thinking.”

Q. It’s a cautionary tale, but for now, the term of office is fixed until July. It’s something that fans might be curious about, so I want you to explain it yourself.
“Other qualifications are not a problem. However, if I want to become coach of Gimcheon, I must first become a military official. I plan to complete it while taking it. So, when the job posting is announced again after July, I am thinking that if the performance and performance at that time are good, you will be re-recognized. If I show it well, if I grow with the team, I think my value will be recognized.”

Q. There are concerns that the start of the season for Gimcheon will be slower than other teams due to the late arrival of new recruits
. However, I think this training session could actually be an opportunity. Of course, other teams have a longer period to prepare for the season than us, so there are many things to improve, but I think we can focus more on preparing for the season instead. I think I can show good performance without being shaken in the beginning.”

“The goal is to switch soccer with faster and more goals”

Q. What kind of change would you like to make compared to former coach Kim Tae-wan?
“Coach Kim showed really good soccer. I plan to add my own color to that soccer. 슬롯사이트

Q. The faces of the recruits who joined ahead of the 2023 season are splendid. I am curious about the internal evaluation.
“It is true that there are many very good players. But our team has the characteristics of a military team. Senior players cannot be ruled out. I think it will pay off well.”

Q. In particular, the midfield resources look good. However, from a positional point of view, every year, Kimcheon always lacked a part. It doesn’t seem easy to manage,
but “There are times when changing players is unavoidable. There are times when there are only 6 or 7 center back resources. This year, there are not many center backs. Every season, some positions have no resources, so the balance is a bit off. There are times. Anyway, I plan to find a solution through transformation, such as lowering midfielders with good defense to center backs. I think my role as a manager is to find a new face and show good performance.”

Q. There are other teams who do not want to meet Kim Cheon in K-League 2. That’s how strong Gimcheon’s power looks.
“It must mean that our team is getting a lot of attention. I am grateful that you think it is a good team. There will definitely be a check.

Q. The skills of the new recruits are noteworthy, but the contributions of senior players such as Lee Young-jae and Kwon Chang-hoon will also be really important.
“I had individual interviews with the players. They promised me a lot. Everyone is very motivated. Kwon Chang-hoon is currently concentrating on recovering from a bad Achilles tendon, and if he returns, he will contribute a lot to the team. I hope these players can be as good as possible before being discharged. I will try. (Kwon Chang-hoon was in a bit of a slump last year) But he is a very sincere player, so if he recovers his condition, he will show a good appearance. I will be by my side to help him overcome.” 

Q. Currently, you are considered a strong candidate for promotion. What is the goal Kim Cheon has set internally?
“I always set my goals a little high. So I always aim to win the championship. Of course, our performance should follow that much. There is something I want to say to the Gimcheon fans as well. The players are always ready to do their best on the pitch. I hope the fans will applaud me. If you support me, I will repay you with a better performance.”

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