Seriously…5-goal EPL striker says ‘I’d score 30 goals if I played for Man City’

Michail Antonio believes he would have scored more goals if he played for Manchester City.

Manchester City has been a prolific scorer in the English Premier League (EPL) this season. They’ve scored a whopping 94 goals overall, which is nearly 2.5 goals per game in simple math. They’re also six goals ahead of second-place Arsenal. While this is down from 102 goals in 2019-20 and 99 last season, City’s offense is still explosive.

At the center of it all is Elling Holland. After joining City ahead of the season, Holland broke several records, scoring 36 goals in 35 league games. A weapon with his whole body, Holland utilized every part of his body, including his head and feet, to rattle the opposition’s net. While he had the benefit of Kevin De Bruyne as a special assistant, Holland had the ability to convert most of the passes that came his way into goals or shots on target.

Antonio said that if he had played for City, he would have been able to score like Holland. “He claimed he would have easily scored 30 goals in a season if he had been at City,” the UK’s Sports Bible reported in a podcast.

During a recent appearance on the podcast FILTHYFELLAS, when the topic of Holland’s goal-scoring prowess came up, Antonio said, “Let’s be honest, it’s true, you just have to think about the number of chances that are created (at City),” adding that Holland was able to score so many goals because his City teammates created so many chances for him.먹튀검증

“So, if Holland were to disappear tomorrow, do you think someone could score 30 goals in his place?” the host asked, to which Antonio replied, “A striker has to.”

Unfortunately, given Antonio’s performance this season, his statement lacks credibility. Antonio has only scored five goals in the league this season. Sure, his club, West Ham United, has had a bad season, but he’s shown on several occasions that he can’t fully capitalize on the opportunities that come his way.

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