Shin Jin-seo, 7 consecutive wins against Park Jeong-hwan “There is no opponent now”

2023 YK Gunki Cup Finals League 4R 4G
Shin Jin-seo runs the whole game ’23 consecutive wins’

(Hangame Baduk = Reporter Han Chang-gyu) It’s a head-to-head match. The big match between Shin Jin-seo and Park Jeong-hwan was held as the 4th match this year and the 59th in total.

The stage this time is the 2023 YK Gungi Cup final league. It is the gateway to determine the two who will advance to the finals. Side by side, 3 wins and undefeated completely faced. Shin Jin-seo 9th dan defeated Shin Min-joon, Byeon Sang-il, Won Seong-jin 9th dan, and Park Jeong-hwan 9th dan beat Byeon Sang-il, Kang Dong-yoon, Lee Chang-ho 9th dan in that order.

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, took over after 131 moves (Go TV Studio on the afternoon of the 17th). Contrary to the prospect that it would be fierce, the game was won at an early point.카지노사이트

The fate of the bout changed prematurely in the Habyun workshop that started in earnest as Shin Jin-seo 9th Dan put on and off. There, Park Jung-hwan’s 9th dan’s phase management was not smooth, and the board was wrong. A description of the match is shown in the figure below.

“I felt that Park Jung-hwan, 9th Dan, had prepared a lot and laid the groundwork well, but I think that the match was wrong. If I had endured it when I quit and went to a long match, it would have been a pretty difficult match. At any moment, an unreasonable operation came out.”

These are the words of commentator Baek Hong-seok. Praise for Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, also poured out without hesitation.

“Once you show a gap, there is no answer. In the past, if you made a mistake, you didn’t give much opportunity, but now it seems that you have become a 9th-dan Shin Jin-seo, who will finish it even if you make a mistake once. What is this player’s weakness? It’s getting more and more perfect.”

The opponent record widened the gap to 36 wins and 23 losses. After August 2022, they are on a seven-game winning streak. He also had a 23-game winning streak. It is a winning streak that has not been lost since February 26 (the beginning of the 23rd consecutive win was the KBS Baduk King final where Park Jung-hwan was defeated 9-dan).

now there is no enemy Still, it was Park Jung-hwan, 9th Dan, who had a significant lead in the opponent’s record for a not short period of time, and made the most powerful tackle toward Shin Jinseo’s 9th Dan.

Shin Jin-seo’s 9-dan record this year was 41 wins and 3 losses. The win rate, which exceeded 92% in the previous edition, rose to 93.18%. He is poised to replace the highest annual win rate of 88.37% (76 wins and 10 losses) he set in 2020. Park Jung-hwan’s record this year is 35 wins, 1 draw and 15 losses (70% win rate).

Shin Jin-seo, 9th Dan, said, “After a few rounds of domestic competitions, we will continue to play important world competitions.

To the question of whether there is a part that needs to be strengthened, he said, “Well… First of all… Um… Overall, I feel that my skills have improved little by little, but I don’t think I am overwhelmingly strong yet. Of course, I think I need to improve my skills. I do,” the answer.

Still, in response to the request to pick one part, he said, “There are many articles that have a very strong beginning. In the past, I think I was on the strong side, but now I don’t think so, so I hope the beginning is better.”

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