‘Shining Solo’ resigning idol Kim Min Suk transforms into Jenny for All-Star Game fans: ‘I’m ashamed, but I’m keeping my promise’

‘All-Star Game Shining Solo’ Dream All-Star Kim Min-seok danced to the music as he stepped into the batter’s box, and Sajik Stadium erupted in excitement.

Kim Min-seok, who has been a “Sajik Idol” since his debut year and was selected as one of the Best 12 Dream All-Star Outfielders in the All-Star Game after being the No. 1 selling Lotte Giants jerseys, performed a stunning dance in front of a full house,

2023 KBO League All-Star Game at Sajik Stadium in Busan on March 15. When Dream All-Star Kim Min-seok, who started as the ninth outfielder, stepped up to the plate in the top of the third inning, fans at Sajik Stadium cheered him on. It was a moment to experience the popularity of Kim Min-seok, who is called the Sajik idol.

Appearing on the field with Lotte Giants mascot Winji, Kim wore sparkling hairpins on both sides of his head. Kim, who bears a striking resemblance to BLACKPINK’s Jenny, showed off his dazzling dance moves to Jenny’s solo before stepping into the batter’s box. Kim, who had promised on the team’s YouTube channel that he would dance to Jenny’s solo at the All-Star Game, executed the choreography to perfection.안전놀이터

He even managed to replicate Jenny’s solo perfectly, much to the surprise of Nanum All-Star catcher Park Dong-won and pitcher Kim Jin-sung, who were also watching the dance.

Stepping up to the plate, Kim took a fastball from Kim for a hit and then turned to the crowd and performed the solo point choreography once again.

After the game, Kim, who won the Best Performance Award over Buchanan, gave a 90-degree bow to show his gratitude to his seniors and fans. After the photo time, Kim Min Suk was asked for an encore, and he transformed into Jenny once again and performed a solo choreography.

After his debut season as a resigned idol, Kim Min Suk participated in the All-Star Game and had an unforgettable time with his fans.

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