Short track in the first season of seniors Gilly Kim “My stamina is the best!”

Reporter Jang Bo-in = Korean short track speed skater Kim Gil-ri (Seo Hyeon-go) said, “I achieved my goal,” and expressed her feelings about competing in the first Senior World Cup series.

Gilly Kim returned home through Incheon International Airport with his teammates on the afternoon of the 14th after finishing the 6th World Cup of the International Skating Union (ISU) Short Track World Cup in the 2022-2023 season.

Kim Gil-ri, who won the overall first place in the national team selection match in May last year and wore the Taegeuk mark, stood out on the senior stage, which she stepped on for the first time this season.

In the final rankings, which summarized the results of the 1st to 6th World Cups, he followed prominent players such as Scheujaner Swielting (Netherlands, 1,062 points), Courtney Saro (Canada, 776 points), and Hanne Desmet (Belgium, 744 points). She placed 4th in the women’s division.

In particular, Kim Gil-ri won the women’s 1,500m gold medal in the 2nd and 5th competitions, taking first place (450 points) in the World Cup rankings in this event. He is also holding onto the 1,500m lead in the world rankings.

Standing in front of the microphone with a shy expression as if she was still unfamiliar with the interview, Gilly Kim said, “I am happy that I finished my first senior stage well. I had a lot of experience from the 1st to 6th World Cup. I am proud that I even got good grades.”

He added, “I wanted to maintain the 1st place in the 1,500m with unexpectedly good results from the 1st and 2nd competitions. I am happy to achieve that goal.”

He confessed that he learned a lot through competing with world-class players.

Gilly Kim said, “During the competition, I definitely experienced a lot of things I hadn’t experienced, in terms of races.” He pointed out points for improvement. 메이저놀이터

However, at the same time, he showed his competitiveness and recharged his confidence.

“I thought I was the best physically than other players,” said Gilly Kim boldly.

At the same time, he vowed to continue this momentum at the 2023 ISU World Championships, which will be held at the Mokdong Ice Rink in Seoul on March 10-12.

He said, “Since it is a game where many Korean fans come, I will prepare with greater effort than I have done so far.”

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