‘Smile Queen’ Hyo-joo “My goal is to become the oldest player on the KLPGA Tour”

“My most important goal is to play the tour for a long time.”

Hyo-joo Yoo (26), who won the long-awaited first victory at the KLPGA Tour Wemix Championship after a bloody battle in the rain last October, did not cry. Instead, she did not lose her smile from the moment her victory was confirmed to her official interview. Hyo-joo was nicknamed ‘Smile Queen’. Hyo-joo, who is reminiscent of retired Kim Ha-neul with her elaborate iron shot and a smile that makes fans feel good, smiled brightly, saying, “Thank you for calling me ‘Smile Queen’.”

If you ask Yoo Hyo-joo what her goal is, the answer comes back, “It is always to deliver good energy to the fans with a bright appearance.” It’s because it’s worth more than sexuality he thinks. In addition, his goal is to remain as a competitive player who can play for a long time on the tour. This is why Ahn Seon-joo, who continues to tour while raising children after marriage, and Hong-ran, who has been active on the KLPGA tour for 17 years and retired, are her role models.

His first victory was an achievement after the 104th challenge. The most gratifying thing was that they secured a tour card until 2024 with the win. Prior to winning the championship, he was pushed to 87th in the prize money rankings. Yoo Hyo-joo eased her worries about seeding by winning the championship dramatically with only three tournaments left.

In fact, Yoo Hyo-joo is a player who has played more seed matches than anyone else. He made his debut on the KLPGA tour in 2017, but lost his tour card in 2018, the second year, due to poor performances. After that, for four consecutive years, the seed battle of hell continued. Last year was different from previous years. In mid-November, when he would normally have played seed fights, he enjoyed a ‘small win’. Hyo-ju Yoo said, “I went shopping with my mother and ate delicious food,” and burst into laughter, saying, “I was always in Muan where the seed match was held, but last year I didn’t go to Muan, which made me feel strange but happy.” 토토사이트

Hyo-joo also had moments of frustration. Hyo-joo confessed, “There were many times when he wanted to give up on golf.” In particular, when he suffered a shoulder injury while playing the Dream Tour (part 2), he thought a lot about ‘should I quit’, and he recalled that he was under great pressure for his performance. However, the off-campus training four years ago, with the decision to leave for the last time, became a turning point in realizing the joy of golf. Hyo-joo recalled, “When I thought, ‘Won’t you come to the field training next year?’ As I searched for pleasures other than golf, such as visiting restaurants and dessert cafes around the venue, my grades also improved.

Hyo-joo Hyo-joo frankly said, “After his first win, greed and pressure for the second win keep coming up.” This is why I focused on weight training and physical training this winter. Perhaps because of his 168 cm tall and thin body, he feels the limits of his stamina in the summer. He explained, “I pay a lot of attention to exercise because my muscles don’t attach well and rather fall out.”

Hyo-joo Hyo-ju held the long-awaited first championship trophy in his arms last year, but admitted that there were many regrettable parts because his long-term iron shot did not sharpen until the middle of the season. This year, he vowed not to repeat the same mistakes as last year. Hyo-joo said, “I will try my best to achieve good results while enjoying the tour. If possible, I would also like to win a major championship.”

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