Striker Thiago Daejeon transfer… Gyeongnam “Looking for 2 new foreigners”

yeongnam FC is looking for two new foreign players.

Gyeongnam has made official the transfer of forward striker Thiago. Thiago is the main player who led Gyeongnam’s promotion playoffs (PO) last season. He competed with Yoo Kang-hyun for the top scorer spot in the second division last year. He participated in 35 regular season league games and was second in scoring with 18 goals and 2 assists. In particular, on October 19 last year, Bucheon and JunPO led the team to advance to PO with dramatic scores. 온라인바카라

Thiago, who was selected as the best eleven that shone in K-League 2 last year and was evaluated as a proven offensive resource, received offers from several clubs and confirmed his transfer to Daejeon Hana Citizen. Because there was a buyout clause, there was no way to prevent Thiago’s transfer to Gyeongsangnam-do.

After transferring to Tiago, Gyeongnam intends to strengthen its power with the club’s direction in mind from a long-term perspective. Gyeongnam is preparing quickly to fill the void created by Thiago’s transfer. We plan to recruit two foreign players to fill the void and at the same time use it as a new opportunity to strengthen our strength.

An official from the club said, “If Thiago’s transfer cannot be prevented, we have considered switching to a direction that can help the club’s operation from a long-term perspective.” do,” he explained.

Thiago said, “I feel regretful that I left without being able to help Gyeongnam win promotion. I thank the fans and club officials for the love I received from Gyeongnam, and I look forward to the promotion of the team after this season.”

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