Sunmoon vs. Aju ‘Big Match’, in the semi-finals of the Battle of Hansan

 A ‘big match’ between Sunmoon University and Ajou University took place.

The 19th 1st and 2nd year college soccer tournament held on the 16th, Hansan Daecheopgi semifinal match was confirmed. In fact, the ‘final’ is predicted. Ajou University and Sunmoon University are ‘Big Bang’. Ajou University rose to the top in the finals of the 58th Chugye University Football Federation last August after 25 years, riding the atmosphere. Sunmoon University won the first and second year Taebaeksangi last year. An irresistible battle for the first championship in 2023 unfolds. On the other side, Calbindae and Honamdae collide. 메이저사이트

Similarly, at Tongyeonggi, which will be held on the 16th, Jeonju University, the ‘defending champion’, will challenge for two consecutive championships. Jeonju University will face Incheon University in the quarterfinals. Hongik University and Dong-A University meet at a single wooden bridge over tickets to the finals.

◇The 19th 1st and 2nd year university football tournament quarterfinals Hansan Great Battle (14th)

Calvin University 1<4PK2>1 Myongji

University Honam University 2<5PK4>2 Dankook University

Sunmoon University 1<6PK5>1 Daegu University of the Arts

Ajou University 1-0 Hannam University

◇ The 19th 1st and 2nd year college soccer tournament quarterfinals Tongyeong University (14th)

Incheon University 2-0 Jungwon University

Jeonju University 2-0 Gimhae

University Hongik University 4-3 Kyungil

University Donga University 1<4PK3>1 Gwangju University

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