‘Thanks, CLE-LAD’ Toronto wins alone again…now the ball is in Ryu’s court.

‘Thanks, Cleveland-Dodgers.’

Hyun-jin Ryu of the Toronto Blue Jays laughed to himself again. For the second day in a row, he was the lone winner.

Toronto defeated the Boston Red Sox 4-3 on Sunday (July 17) at home at Rogers Centre. After giving up two runs in the sixth inning to Boston, the Jays scored one run each in the seventh and ninth innings to send the game to extra innings in dramatic fashion. After giving up a run in the top of the 12th inning, the Jays tied the game again in the bottom of the 12th inning and won the game in the 13th inning on an RBI single by Merrifield.

Toronto dropped all four games of a midweek home series against the Texas Rangers, seemingly spoiling their wild-card race. That’s because Texas moved into the second wild-card spot, with a 2.5-game lead over Toronto. They’re even 1.5 games behind the third-place Seattle Mariners.

But on the weekend of the 16th, the matchups in the back-to-back series changed, giving them one last chance to rebound. Toronto alone beat Boston, while Texas and Seattle lost to the Cleveland Indians and Los Angeles Dodgers, respectively.안전놀이터

And perhaps Toronto fans were more eager for fall baseball, because for the second day in a row, it was the same result. Texas was swept by Cleveland, two games to one. Seattle also ran into a wall at the hands of the mighty Dodgers, losing 2-6. Seattle had to watch the Dodgers clinch the district title at home.

So the American League wild card race is once again a toss-up. Texas is still in second place, but has lost half a game to third-place Toronto. Seattle slipped to fourth. Up to three teams can make it to fall baseball. We still don’t know who will be the final winner.

For Toronto, Ryu Hyun-jin will be crucial. Ryu will start against Boston on the 18th. The team needs to continue its upward trend.

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